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What To Write In A New Pregnancy Card

takes 2 years as a tribute to Women

How you imagine the fairies?
I hope you are not the usual sugary winged damsels are all the rage now. The fairies can be terrible and we must be careful with them. They have all their rules. Furthermore, when we speak of the fairies, it is thought much fantasy.
Yet I believe that these creatures belong to our world as there are trees, flowers, animals, sky, earth, water and fire. Well as Nature.
I leave you with these pictures of you and as I did with the nymphs, which are then in a sense relatives, do not put the title and author. If you are intrigued, tell me.
Ready to get carried away?

Have you ever heard of the Cottingley fairies?
Well, two cousins \u200b\u200bElsie Wright and Frances Griffiths, respectively 16 and 10 years, snapped in 1920 with five photographs depicting the fairies. As soon as they were discovered, was born a case that also involved Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Homes, who believed in the veracity of the photos.
The two cousins \u200b\u200bnever imagined all this fuss, however, was like a mockery of the adults because they continued to photograph and released three photographs.
only confessed their adult joke (the fairies were cardboard), it appears that another mystery is hidden in the last picture.
Here are the five photos:

Here is told in detail

And then there forget to Brian Froud and Alan Lee, author of a book called just Fate.
Here the site of Brian Froud

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