Sunday, March 6, 2011

Marrige Cogratulation Message

Provocation by Oliviero Toscani: "Women, you make me sick."

day after tomorrow is March 8, Women's Day.
I am convinced that a man will not celebrate women because they literally suck.
are all sluts, its keyword. In particular, the Italian way.
course because everyone knows by now is well known that Italy is an underdeveloped country, a country dominated by men where women wallow there. Now it is something that justifies all stranota.
Fortunately then that has never had wives Italian: ass low, short legs and hairy armpits. Who would want a wife like that? For we are the only Italian women in the world correspond to this prototype. Why do other women have asses that stand, the legs have the extension built and automatically reject the armpit hair not to mention the breasts of iron with the tip just tempered.
And then link all the women on beauty and intelligence.
He also does not like pictures of women. No, he only documented cases of anorexia, an extreme importance. Only those.
fact he was not taking pictures of women pubi for calendar 2011. No, it was not him.
Just as he never photographed this:

So women are sluts as well as men are assholes. (Exact equation: 10 cum laude)
Perfect, I understood everything in life. From now on everything will be easy for me.

For those who have not realized (because there's people like this) the last part is ironic.


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