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letter to Italy for the 150th anniversary of Italy eternal

've always been a strong character, I told everyone I knew and I did not think there was a man capable of fascinates me and yet I found it: it is an Italian and has fourteen years older than me. His name was Giuseppe Garibaldi.
I wanted to leave my small town, Laguna, to follow him, but not as a submissive woman but as a companion to go for broke even in battles. I also left my husband before I knew that my life would be was next to this stranger.
I fought with the men and for men. I risked my life over and over again. Some men have died for me.
I can not look back behind us. I can only honor their life fighting for them.

Joseph, why you look me with that face? Yes, they are still weak, but we can not stop. And then you know that Joseph is a strong woman, a woman resistant. I can still do it. Do not look. The other men do not need to see in that state. You are a master.

Joseph so let me know that I will die here, Mandriole in this hut, leave here and go. Do not look back. Why stay here again? Do not stay here a moment more, and do not despair, it's not your fault. It was I who decide to leave everything. I do not regret anything. I could grow old quiet in my country, but I chose to be with you, alone with you. I only regret not being able to stand by your side and unable to give birth this baby she was carrying.
the rest, I was happy to see you and to have lived so.
Joseph Go away, I die on this earth.
I'll join that one day this country. And there will be many others who will defend this Italy.
I feel.

As you may know some of you, Anita Garibaldi died at Mandriole near Ravenna and I wanted to commemorate this 150th anniversary in different ways, not remembering the time when it was united, but long before through the voice of a stranger, a Brazilian who has fought and died on Italian soil.
I wrote this story based on what I found around trying to think like her. Then many things are not clear. For example, is said to have strangled Anita Garibaldi. It is said by the position of the neck but seems to be due to a rapid burial. In addition, some writings say that Garibaldi was believed responsible for her death. But, as I wrote here, I think it's because Anita has decided to follow him and he left his native country, Brazil. However
Italy celebrates 150 years tomorrow.

Greetings Italy

Italians today, and forever

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