Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Easy Way To Get Spectral Tiger

Anita Garibaldi

Dearest Italy,
, how are you? 150 years birthday today. If you were a normal human being would in the record for length, but to history, you are very young.
But you were there long before 1861, you were there as an idea, as a concept, as a source of inspiration when you were torn between duchies, republics, empires and kingdoms.
are now still divided between the league that you do not consider it as their homeland and among municipalities that want out of you, and between North and South is even more distant.
Yet still there and today is your birthday.
Let us hear the Italians, the sons of One Earth, the children of those who fought for you so that you are there. Let us hear Italians today and forever, not just when the Italian national team won the World Cup.
Many have invaded and yet you continue to be our Italy.
many times you fall but you always raised.
Now it is time that we raised. You try to be patient and do you feel today who wakes up in those who guarda fuori alla finestra, un Amore di unione e fallo sentire non come una semplice e ingenua Utopia.
Auguri Italia.
Tua per sempre,

                                                                                                                      An Italian


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