Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why Do People Get Solid Black Tattoos?

My speech at the "If not now, when?" Ravenna

Ravenna, Piazza del Popolo

I wanted to upload at least there was the wait for the start of the event, people who were there, but I had trouble loading so I just uploaded my speech . I thank my friend who filmed.
For me it is personal pride of having spoken there with other women who wanted to claim their rights. In being there, I felt like I had an important responsibility: not only was wanting to say something, but also the ability to communicate, to get in those few minutes all the people who were listening and I think I have succeeded because some ladies, and some do not even know they made me the compliments.
Initially I thought I read a piece adapted from a play that could only fit for the occasion that two things had to be taken into account: the short time allowed to make room for all the speeches and the public that it is certainly not that of a theater so I preferred to write something my point.
I remember an elderly lady who fought to ensure that girls today as I spoke into a microphone, which saw many of his comrades die, and that even now goes into schools to spread his hope because as you yourself said, the treatment of women, it does not speak, do not regard it as a human being, but almost a parasite that attaches itself to man (so he could read the press doctors) never happens again.
There was a tent in which many women and many men have signed. I left my including this message: "Today I have spoken, but words are useless if no one listens. Men, Listen to us." That the fight
women belong to men and I would like to point out that many, many men were there and not only to accompany us, but because they felt this event as their own.

Update February 14, 2011 :
And here is another video where you can see how many people there and even the intervention of the elderly lady


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