Thursday, February 10, 2011

Memorial Ads For Paper

Published a letter from me in a local newspaper

Dear, maybe not v'importerà anything (especially to non-Ravenna), however, as the title says: have published a letter from me.
This is a local newspaper Ravenna & Surroundings and I sent e-mails of writing this letter:

Every time I take the weekly newspaper, I go straight to the page of Ravenna Forum Capital of Culture because I am interested in the different views of some artists Ravenna of them then I know them personally and this is great interest for two reasons: they are birth and residence of Ravenna and I, in my small way, I make art.
this year celebrates 28 years and what appears to be breaking a rule, especially in job interviews where they ask me regularly, I do not Mosaic. I could not do because it has a completely different from mine: when I paint my wrist moves as if it were fighting with the sword.
I have a degree in painting and, miracle (!), I managed to finish the year the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna in 2007, before it was swallowed up by the University of Bologna. Many students, unable to move, have preferred to change their course: that by painting a mosaic. All that has stayed with me as a great personal blow, not only because there I spent the best years of my school career, but also because he taught and was its director a relative of mine: the painter Umberto Folli.
And here I come to a crucial point, but Ravenna is a candidate for European Capital of Culture or Capital of Mosaic? I do not know why the situation is still not clear to me.
course do not deny the past and consider the mosaic of Ravenna mosaic art beautiful just now there seems to be a dictatorship or a monopoly on art. I know that Ravenna is world famous for its Byzantine mosaics, but it seems to me to be fossilized in the past. Obviously I'm not saying that we must overlook the mosaic, but I think you should give space to all artists who want to contribute to the decoration of Ravenna.
And then, is it not true that Ravenna is also becoming a breeding ground for the theater (where another art I'm venturing)? And this is the work of young people 30 years ago they really wanted the right to do in their city.
So, what else could become Ravenna if given the opportunity to those who want to do? And here I speak not only of Candidacy for the capital, but also the ability to "wake up" a city that seems locked in the past despite its reputation of great accoglitrice. Unfortunately, I speak of some of my fellow citizens that I meet on the street and found them sleeping, and routine, with no opening and curiosity.
Ravenna and I am proud of it even though I am sorry to see how this city does not reflect its real potential. I very much hope Ravenna who wins the nomination, but even more strongly hope reborn.
Thank you for your attention,

Elena Vignoli

PS: If the Nomination of Culture, you would invest, how we do it every day with the Mosaic, I think we would have a good chance.
PPS: The date is 2019, which spans eight years and then ... that will make young people in that year?

The two postscripts I do not have them published (this is the saved copy of the original) but all the rest.
Maybe someone will say (especially by those who read me from the beginning): Ugh, again with this story? Simply, we know very well.
Eh, what can you do? For me it is a matter of pride:)

- I'm still rejoicing -

This is an invitation not to give up your voice. If something is wrong, say so. You will see that someone will listen.

February 11, 2011 Update: I recently passed the 20,000 views. The thing that surprises me even more is that half of the displays was achieved in just over a month.
A big kiss to all of you and thank you to everyone!


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