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Meeting on Leo de Berardinis

How many of you have heard of Leo de Berardinis?
I'll be honest: I had never heard of it before the announcement of his death in 2008.
knew his companion of many works that Carmelo Bene in the media that was the best stage for the character well, but Leo has always been quieter, more essential than the Baroque Carmelo Bene.
In 1968, twenty-eight and thirty Carmelo Leo implement a "Don Quixote" was originally thought to unite the brothers De Filippo. At the end struck by their arrogance and their safety
Besides Carmelo Bene, one must also remember Pearl Peragalo, companion of many improvisations and performances.
Not only actor race, but also writer, director, composer and skilled master of light: everything was in the creation of the work. He did not care to impress the great scenery, 40 could be enough candles to create atmosphere.
He always said that the actor should not be the killer of the director. Leo
a double life, the division that alcohol has had in his life (before the excess, then in absence), who continued to destroy the first in many ways and after the 80s, that many viewers wanted him to slaughter while the young theater loved it.
Leo, who has gone to an irreversible coma after an anesthesia error occurred seven years before and that unfortunately many of my age have not had the pleasure of seeing him on stage, he can hear his talent.
The meeting that there was at the Teatro Rasi to present the beauty of bitter Gianni Manzella re-edited version, might have told his biography, his being much more radical, however, were the admiration in the eyes of the speaker and regret for his absence to tell Leo de Berardinis


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