Friday, February 18, 2011

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The Black Swan


Sorry for the word just fine, but that's what I said to myself with a thin voice has just finished the film.
Yes or why the f ** k (when written in full and just goes on) a film rarely made me feel so lost, but also seduced, rarely felt my body tremble with anxiety, but also for pleasure. Rarely felt that my body was the same as what he felt my mind.


Nina is preparing for what will be the role of his life or the dual role of Odette / Odile, respectively, white swan and black swan only that his character timid, submissive and can not frigid understand the dark counterpart. In addition, his mother, a dancer in the board continually clipping the wings (in fact I chose this phrase) with his obsessive control.
The presence of Beth, the former prima ballerina rudely dispelled, and that of Lilly, a new dancer sensual doubt do them herself as the director and choreographer Thomas Leroy. Especially
Lilly and Thomas are in an ambiguous position: they act to make you make known its dark side, to rescue or just to hurt her?
And what are those visions continue? Are they real or fake?
But above all what is happening to the body and mind?

The theme of reality and fiction, where it mixes with one another, is most often used in movies, especially when these are set on a stage (think Moulin Rouge in ) but here we are at a deeper level and some scenes reminded me of The Fly (which I love!) of David Cronenberg.
Besides acting of Portman and a soundtrack that pointed to perfection every time, I remember a picture of Matthew Libatique (did not know him before, but ouch!) Which was also nominated for an Oscar, the film is perfect for your because it is not perfect, is not clean, but neurotic and dance with the dancers with a grace and is always "behind" the Portman (watch the film and you'll understand). The director Darren Aronofsky
thought of this movie for years and certainly resize the injury they have on the world of ballet: all grace and tights, from girls yet, and I was told many times, the world of classical ballet is perhaps harder throughout the show.

And now I want to commend the Portman, which became physical and mind to tackle this role. Of course I have not forgotten the supporting actors (and the ironic role of Winona Ryder or Beth, she was considered a star and then fall from grace after the episode of kleptomania), but she wins everything and a role as you may fall into ruin, or you can raise a star if you had not already understood before.
I'd give the Oscar already immediately without waiting for February 27.

Eye for the black swan lurking.

And now I want to leave with a Swan Lake played by Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn and apologize if it is just:


Update March 28: As was right, Natalie Portman won the Academy Award as best actress. Total on five nominations (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Editing), the Black Swan won that one Academy Award.


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