Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coughing Up Green Balls

Quell'insulsa arrogant and freedom of speech

Freedom of speech was one of the greatest achievements of recent centuries only now in name of this freedom everyone feels free to speak even if they do not know a topic worthy o! f ** k!
And then stating: "Oh, that's my opinion."
Yeah, now you have an opinion of great fashion and not only talk about what happens on television, but also life in general as now, very often, TV and real life come together.
And if I try to explain my reasons, they say the usual banal sentences, phrases, sentences of those who know nothing! And perhaps one that reads, thinks, "But how do you know if he passed or not, or knows or not that topic?" One who knows or who has spent Never use phrases like that. "What?" Those that each time trying to explain, analyze or to tell me that shit colossal in a previous life I had who knows what!
But I know I f ** k or what I did in a previous life? And why do I need to know more? I am only interested a life one I'm living now!
and then fills the mouth with shit just because they feel free to express their feelings.
But that's arrogance in all this?! What arrogance allows you to talk if you know nothing of the topic or if you have past experience?

be clear that I am not talking about a dictatorship, but a greater awareness of what others say and not at all clear there is something of an answer.
Maybe you better figure to be quiet at times.

PS: If anyone is wondering why all this hatred, what happened today, I would say that is up for some time that I feel this unbearable. Today I just wanted to share this with you my outburst.

PPS: comments are very welcome especially if you also have you ever felt that way.


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