Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bellas Camera Printer New Moon

start by saying just one thing: this film was not chosen of my own.

I and a dear friend of mine wanted to spend New Year together. Then they added two of his friends who wanted to see a movie and we said why not?
were proposed in their book for a fun movie. I hear only the title on the evening of New Year. I say that black is a little pissed off.
Thus, making the best of a bad game, I went to see the film thrown into a vicious circle of Dante also if I can not say that because everyone understands them.
The beginning part of the ballet with a following that can be seen in the trailer and three-dimensional view of the elephants so horribly made me think that technology has made significant steps backwards.

Then we are shown the rich fauna (actors) who generously explain their lives and so we have stories of betrayal, passion, intrigue, all facing the anal sphincter.
You should report any "person" who worked on this film, even the extras, for contempt to this majestic land that is Africa and all his creatures, animal (including African tribes) and vegetable.
the end everything can be fixed. All's well that ends well except that a film so you can come to a trauma and hear people laughing and who held the belly makes you think you are not the David Lynch film and film company to be a nightmare, but these. It 's all-pussy pussy-slut-slut-you thrombus, thrombus i-poo and pee.
7.50 € weigh a lot when you see movies like this.

One can argue endlessly on what movies you prefer and what does not, however, these cinepanettoni make me think only one thing:


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