Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mount Blade Sword Damocles

News about me

Introducing the latest news about me:

1) At the end we are falling back. I said (see here ) that I would never made the laboratory non-school hours, however, seeing their trials as a spectator, I was left overwhelmed and eventually I participated. Maybe it's because now I'm not doing anything at the theater. I am preparing a draft stage but I need to be on stage, to work actively and then I was intrigued by the subject of the show or the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky and his works.

2) About the theater project, just yesterday I received the news that are not (or rather not seeing as we are not alone) passed to the second round of the Award The Scenario. It is a national contest for young stage actors. I've already attended two years ago with the heretical and even then are not passed. However, this will complete the show (we had to see the first 5 minutes and is still work-in-progress).

3) This Thursday I will make an exhibition of paintings in a club here called Ravenna can only collect for the occasion and I am preparing a new framework. Maybe I'll make another.

all for now. Soon you will speak better than my theater project since no longer taking part in the scenario, I'm free from the constraint of keeping it secret. As always, this workshop will also discuss non-school (I also do a post on this Russian poet) and I also tell you of this exhibition of painting.


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