Saturday, January 22, 2011

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Commonplace art

- Is not it beautiful what is beautiful, it's nice like that. -
- What a beautiful painting looks like a photograph. -
- I do not understand anything. -

One of my goals to my blog is not just to show my work or writing things that come to mind, but also to make art accessible to more people I can only see that more and more commonplace fill his head.
regard to the first sentence I had already spoken here, but I say it again: this sentence is assumed that beauty is equal to the pleasure, but it is completely pointless because these things are very vague and often do not coincide.
How many times then I heard the first and second sentences.
The first sentence makes treating the paintings to photography, but here is a colossal mistake because these two arts are so different. In addition, you often see the painting through a photograph or a video, but what you see is but the picture, but a reproduction: a framework for a better appreciation must see him live.
The photograph is then seen as a reproduction of reality, but it is not correct or not if we had not the reality a static concept: try to move even one step, what you see is completely different from what you saw before.
The third sentence then makes especially for abstract paintings or otherwise incomprehensible. In fact you need not be abstract enough to force just do not understand and this is true not only for managers but also for the strange shapes of the various arts.
But beware: this does not justify all forms of art senseless and how to tell? Just develop their critical thinking that does not mean putting a distance between the different forms of art, but welcome them in and ask questions, try to reformulate the questions. You will need a little 'training.

Someone might say that is not about art, that just does not understand what you ask is not art history. Maybe I, and others involved in art, I can see correlations, however, art is something that belongs to everyone, all those who are willing to accept them.
addition, with "art" I mean not only the painting, as often happens, but the various forms of art.

What I ask is to not be lazy if you see something, not to resort to banal phrases and platitudes, but the strange thing that we turn in the head or brain.

PS: One last thing. is that if you take a copy of a work of art depicted as the cups with the painting or a poem you have a piece of that work. This is just the kitsch but if you are aware, good for you.


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