Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do Teething Gums Look Like

against government cuts to

RavennaTeatro has decided to spread this news against the government's cuts to the fus (single fund Performing Arts):


This government has halved in three years funding to the theater.
We will act as the quality, the radical, the sense of our theater is not without it.
operation because the level of employment of our businesses is not affected.
do not intend to change the commitments made with the city, with the spectators, with students participating in our initiatives. We will deliver on the commitments entered into with all artists. All this and despite an economic situation seriously compromised.
protest against this view television-barzellettiera culture.
protest against an economy minister who thinks that culture does not give food.
Only in the province of Ravenna are hundreds and hundreds of people who work professionally in the theater.
protest because no other European country it was decided to address the economic crisis by cutting school funding, research, culture.
protest against the weakness of the Minister Sandro Bondi announced that together with Gianni Letta, the Rome Film Festival, in full regalia, the reinstatement of the FUS (single fund of the show), and did not say a word when using the so-called "decree milleproroghe" his government has decided to cut heavily and further Fus.

We had never worked in an age so dark for the Italian culture.

After following the signature of all those who participated in the Ravenna face-in-air, and so including myself, and I agree with this statement. I could not agree.
here speaks especially of the theater, but the whole culture that is spoken and more.
About deft rhyme by the Minister Sandro Bondi (try to read his poems: shudder of horror) has earned the trust, except for 22 votes.
right, it will collapse after Pompeii?


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