Monday, September 6, 2010

Do Oats Have Lactose Them

votes ppèrde '

And you live day to day, with the soul
Yes, we are all de 'votes in ppèrde'!

Hope, 'vegetable eg' the year, or
'n where ita? Rimpiattata has run?? Ber

me 'magician,' you olla 'crystal ball! From
rètt'a MME, 'a will there is so much to racks his brains',
' he qquella ball you might be yet 'ncrinà'! We

'n many, much blood
‘he tiran’avanti,
ne’ mille giorni tutt’uguali …

E ci vorrèbbe si, ma un bèr miraölo !
Un gran tòno ‘he rintròni,
un tremòto bèll’e bbòno,
du’ scossoni e un bèr vocione,
su, ner cièlo,
ch’annunciasse a ‘sti padroni
ch’è finita la ‘uccagna:
“D’ora ‘n avanti gliè decretato:
chi ccór pòvero guadagna,
all’istante sìi strinato !”

Ma son sogni …
Si pòr solo sognà’,
di strabartà’ 'Is sad Reart;
the Reart' the one then my Scanzo ':
' vande you wake up, daughters still there! But will

pprim'o ppoi; sïuro 'he vverrà,
drink a day' he "Andran Saints marching." And
nnoi? We will stand by lli nér,
it without worries and avvòrti in the light, you will know
sïuro, 'he' will never be a yes vote in ppèrde PPIU
... '!


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