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Unleashed The Movie Jet Lee

Ydalir fisherman and deer

The ground was rushing under the wheels of the wagon. From time to time a stone was startled the entire hotel and Alessio took the grand slam in the back. But the trip was turning out nice, fresh air on that tickled the skin and the colors so vivid that world unknown to him. Two oxen were yoked to the chariot that ran strong as if the devil at his heels. An elderly gentleman sitting in the cart tanned skin and urged the animals, holding hands with a straw hat who risked fly away at any moment. Garreth was the old, the owner of the wagon, a man in hand and somewhat noisy. Later galloped the nine riders who had rescued them.
Alessio stirred from his thoughts and looked Ollerus who was sitting with his legs stretched out, leaning on a sack of flour to taste with smoke his pipe.
-Who are they? - Churches Alessio.
-Am friends. Gawain Darius is my master .-
Alex nodded and looked back at the landscape, but soon came back to ask: "How
know where to find us -
-My horse .- Ollerus replied laconically.
Alessio looked at him questioningly, but the hunter does not pay attention, so he preferred not to ask more. Ollerus straightened up, put down his pipe and called Alex.
-My horse has come to caer last night. My friends knew I was out hunting and they also knew where. When they saw the approaching storm were concerned and sent a messenger to our captain, who was out with a small team on patrol. So the captain came looking for me, and thankfully I would add! -
-Why did you let go quell'orco? -
-I killed her brother and now are in danger. But I'm just a hunter, if Gawain had fatto prigioniero o ucciso quell'orco ora il caer sarebbe in guerra con il suo clan.-
-Ma se non siete in guerra perchè hai inseguito ed ucciso Lorre?-
Ollerus riprese la pipa, la riaccese e tirò una profonda boccata.
-Devi sapere- rispose, -che gli orchi fino a poco tempo fa erano pacifici. Fanno una vita nomade, radunati in piccoli clan. Si spostano con il cambiare delle stagioni e vivono di quello che gli offre la terra. Io e la mia gente abitavamo le terre a nord di qui. Era una bella regione e il mio popolo era prospero. Ma due anni fa gli orchi si spinsero fino alle nostre terre e le razziarono, spingendoci a trovare riparo sempre più a sud. In molti morirono, altri fuggirono verso other realms. We stayed in a few loyal to our land and we had holed up in Caer Ydalir. Now the orcs have stopped the looting, but fill our realm and we do not have the necessary forces to resume. We are able to resist the caer but nothing more. For this reason we can not declare war, but it happens sometimes that some ogre goes so far as to our farms in search of prey. Yesterday I was hunting along the river when I saw the smoke rising from behind a hill, I went to check and found that Lorre with a torch in his hand gave fire to the barn to flush them out of Masser and robbing the farm. You know the rest .- In
wagon fell silent. Ollerus continued to smoke with their heads bowed while Alex looked back to the sad story of the hunter and its people.
-yet it is so strange .- Ollerus murmured, more to himself than to Alessio.
"What is strange? -
-E 'as if something pushed the orcs to the south, as they push us. And 'as if they were fleeing from something. I can not feel resentment towards them, because if they have occupied our lands was of necessity, I'm sure. They have never been hostile.
-Lorre was the
.--Yeah. It was. You know, a week ago, the caer, a thief entered the house of a worker and killed him, but not hate all men, right? -
The wagon stopped abruptly, ending the conversation. Alessio Ollerus and leaned toward Garreth to understand what was happening. Outside, the trees gave way a little further on the way to a vast lawn. The boundary between forest and prairie was bordered by a low wall of stone with an opening at the center from which only a man could pass at a time. The Knights were already on the other hand, except that Gawain Darius was approaching the wagon. Garreth told the two passengers to get off, that from then on would have to walk. In fact there was no way to get around the wall, which continues through the woods.
Ollerus went first, followed by Alessio. They were immediately met by Gawain, who greeted quickly Garreth. He waited until the factor was broken down and then went directly to Alexis.
-This is the boundary of the territory of Caer Ydalir. I know your name, Aleski, but I do not know who you are or where you come from. Now I wonder, I can trust and get you? Ollerus says yes, and his word is very important to me. But indeed I see a man dressed extravagantly in front of me, a man was unarmed and helpless but alive in Wavelands. Where are you from? -
Alessio feared that question since he climbed on the bandwagon. He would not be taken for mad but now Gawain suspected him and was perhaps even worse. He decided to go cautious
-I come from the woods, sir .-
Gawain Darius stared straight at me. Alessio felt terribly uncomfortable.
-If you came from a farm of Wavelands Ollerus you know. It 's really strange that you come from outside, but it's even stranger that you've crossed the woods in these conditions .-
-Lord-Ollerus interjected, "I have found Aleski guard on the hill, the one just out of the woods. He seemed disoriented and had never seen an ogre. I do not think is a spy, sir .-
expression Gawain seemed willing, and when the word was taken quieter
-Aleski, you must understand that in the absence of the king I have the command of caer and I can not take the responsibility to enter the unknown, especially in these times. If you've really crossed the forest, then you have to come from Alba Longa, more than there is the sea and exclude you come from the village of Lot, or even beyond. So? - \u200b\u200b
Alex looked around bewildered and confused. Finally it was decided and asked fatigue
-Have you ever heard of Italy? Europe? -
The two shook their heads in perplexity.
How-imagined .- Alex nodded. -I have not gone through any woods. I was at my house in Italy, I passed through the gate to look for my friend and I'm in the woods. A magic, that's what it was. Then I met Ollerus and now I'm here. I do not know where is "here". It 's all different, it's all so strange
.- "What are you talking about? - Churches puzzled Gawain
Darius-I'm not saying this is my world .- Alessio said in one breath.
moments of silence followed, then turned to Gawain Ollerus:
-What do you think? -
-What does not is lying. His attitude, clothing, sudden onset. Certainly not of Alba Longa. And Darius, I can speak freely? -
-course Ollerus .-
-Aleski does not look like the spy. And then light for whom? We are not at war with anyone and we have nothing to hide. I do not know if it comes from another or if the world took a hit on the head in the woods, but I do not feel like leaving here alone. I'll tell you more, I'll also his friend .-
Ollerus-Thanks, I appreciate it .- He said Alessio.
Gawain Darius seemed to think what to do, then finally gave his decision:
-Your story is very strange Aleski, but Ollerus right. I welcome you in caer , but I ask you not to tell anyone what you told us. First I want to verify your information. We will say that you are a farmer who came from a farm on the edge of the woods. Ollerus looks for your friend and you will live to caer. But every Wednesday night you'll be my guest and talk about this your strange story, and I will try to see clearly. You think it's a fair compromise? -
Yes, Gawain Darius. I have no other place to go and I am very worried about my friend Claudio
.- The captain apologized to the two for not having a vehicle that brings them up to caer, Ollerus but told him not to worry and to continue as well, which they would have easily walked on flat land which divided them from the common destination. In the end there were only two hours to travel caer and inside the border were secure.
Gawain Darius and his knights galloped greeting and leaving again just Alessio and Ollerus.
The road turned out nice. The trail winds through groves of maples and alders, then range over vast fields of wheat, where the golden spikes rise well above their heads, hiding from view all that was around.
-It 's nice to Ydalir, right? - Churches Ollerus, embracing a sweeping gesture of his arm with the surrounding area.
Alessio saw take off from a birch isolated a flock of finches, which are whirling on the ears of corn in search of food and then ascend into heaven, embellishing the morning with their cheerful song.
-Beautiful .- Alessio said. After nine days spent in segregated house of his grandfather, after dark woods and hills infested with orcs finally his heart felt at peace. The concerns gave way to memories and Alex felt the same feeling when a child was playing in the woods behind the house, pretending that they hide behind the trees, elves and goblins.
A brook ran along the path they were taking. They were about to leave a vast field to get into a clump of trees and as soon as there were in the stream increased its scope. The road began a gentle descent and sharp turn in front of them. In addition, the curve could not see more trees, because the ground was opened in a sheer drop of about ten meters. The stream went over the edge of the cliff in a small waterfall and finiva sul fondo in uno specchio d'acqua limpida e fresca, circondata da salici che tuffavano i loro rami frondosi nel laghetto. Un sentiero accidentato si diramava da quello principale per raggiungere il lago ed Ollerus decise di scendere per bere e rinfrescarsi. Era quasi mezzogiorno ed Alessio fu contento di poter fare una sosta. Raggiunsero il lago non senza difficoltà in quanto il sentiero era davvero ripido. Ollerus era appesantito dal suo equipaggiamento, mentre Alessio aveva i piedi martoriati dalle sue stesse scarpe. La fatica fu premiata quando finalmente misero piede sulla spiaggetta ghiaiosa che costituiva la riva del lago. Ollerus affondò le mani nell'acqua e bevve di gusto, si bagnò i capelli e la faccia ed infine si sedette compiaciuto. Alessio put his feet wet and was delighted to see the little fish swimming around. Meanwhile Ollerus tried in vain to light the pipe with the lock, but he had wet the flint. Alessio saw him and could not help laughing.
Ah there is nothing to laugh! - Ring Ollerus without conviction. In fact, shortly after he began to smile and then laugh amused. Alex approached him, sank into the pocket of the jeans and when Riestra his fingers closed around the rusted Zippo he had found in the woods. Ollerus looked at him doubtfully and Alessio savored moment by moment to the wonder that surfaced on the face of the hunter with his thumb when he did turn the wheel and lit the flame. Ollerus picked up the lighter, turned it over a couple of times and finally, with satisfaction, lit his pipe.
-.- I'll gift Alessio said. -Lo ridarai to Claudio when you'll find it .-
Ollerus nodded and reached out to shake the outstretched hand of Alessio.
-Aleski I do not know who you are or where you come from. But I decided to believe and are confident that you will always have an ally here nell'Ydalir
-.- Thanks .-
-Sai - Ollerus said, changing his tone, saying that it was on the shores of this lake that was abandoned Ydalir by his company .-
-What are you talking about? - Alessio asked.
-You have heard my song? -
Only the final-
.--It 's a story that all hunters know and sing in times of loneliness. Ydalir the story of the hunter, who fell in love with the goddess Duneyrr deer. It is said that Ydalir he used to hunt with his friends in these woods, but eventually broke away from the group and wandered along the lonely paths of the animals. He came to a clearing where he saw a beautiful woman intent on combing her long auburn hair. Ydalir was speechless and fell in love instantly. The man in love becomes careless, and in fact Ydalir, eager to caress the smooth skin and pale approached her with vehemence. Fast like a deer, the girl jumped up and stared into her eyes. Ydalir si perse nelle profondità di quelle iridi blu notte, le quali dovevano in tempi remoti aver contemplato l'immensità dell'universo ed averne catturato l'infinita bellezza nei colori che in esse vorticavano. Ma la visione durò un battito di ciglia, poi la fanciulla scappò correndo a perdifiato nel fitto degli alberi, ed Ydalir ebbe l'impressione di veder correre un bellissimo cervo bianco.
-Tornato dai suoi compagni Ydalir chiese che quel giorno e i giorni a seguire non si uccidessero più cervi, ma i compagni non gli diedero retta. La settimana seguente, durante una battuta di caccia, Coran il veloce avvistò un cervo albino ed avvertì gli altri che quello sarebbe stato la sua preda. Ne seguì le tracce all day and when the sun began to fall last saw him attempt to drink from a source. Silent bent his bow and prepared to fire, but suddenly someone attacked him from behind. Coran and the assailant rolled in the leaves, breaking under their weight bow. When at last the heat of battle could see Coran stopped in the face of his enemy was Ydalir. Coran Lightning pulled from the boundary of the knife and knocking Ydalir friend rushed to the side over the deer, which had been watching the scene. But Ydalir, furious, picked up from the ground broke the tip of the arrow, with two jumps on him was to Coran and planted the gun in the neck.
-Desperate and smeared Ydalir blood returned to his companions to seek forgiveness, but they were not willing to grant it. The punishment was severe: Ydalir was blindfolded and made to ride, led in the thick of the woods and left to his fate, without food, water or weapons to defend themselves. Once this forest was immense, and it was said that the trees would not leave out who was spotted with infamy. The voices said that trees of this forest will lose the move to make way for the unjust. And it was indeed the case, as Ydalir, despite being an experienced hunter, he could not find their way home for weeks.
-But one day the deer came out of the woods. It was white and shiny, but Ydalir could not watch the eyes, the very eyes of the girl in the meadow. "You?" He asked the deer, the deer and nodded. "You saved my life," said the animal with a melodious voice, "now I will save yours." Thus Ydalir long followed the deer woods, along rivers, climbing the mountains. During these travels Ydalir sang for deer and wrote odes to the beauty of the girl in which she had seen him transformed. So it was that slowly fell in love with the deer hunter. And one evening asked him "you know who I am, Ydalir friend of deer?" And Ydalir said "you can not only be the shining star in the sky in the darkest hour of the night." "You have the courage to pronounce my name, Ydalir "asked the deer. Ydalir and said, "sure, Duneyrr, my goddess." From the beautiful eyes of the deer a single tear welled up and left the remains Duneyrr animals to show to Ydalir as he had known her in the clearing. Then he took her hand, kissed him a long time and finally took him in the heavenly halls of the gods.
-The caer and throughout the region take their names from Ydalir, and usually avoid to hunt deer. Tonight if you want you could look to the north-east two twin stars, the brightest of that quadrant. Those are Duneyrr and Ydalir, or so say the legends
.- In the afternoon the trail left the shelter of the trees and brought them under the hot summer sun. Near the wood in the two faced a slight slope to a plateau covered with forget-me-not and punctuated by lively snapdragon. Right in the center of the plateau was a flat, smooth rock covered with moss. Probably someone had placed there, like a rudimentary bench. Ollerus sat down with his legs stretched, pulled out his pipe, lit it and put his hand to his forehead to cover his eyes from the sun.
-What are you doing? - Churches surprised Alessio.
-See for yourself .- Ollerus said pointing to a point in the valley below.
Alessio followed the finger and was Ollerus open-mouthed. The hunter laughed heartily, and then pulled himself together with his chest puffed up with pride he said:
-Welcome to Caer Ydalir! -


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