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Treat Throat Blisters

-You must see it for yourself! - The Claudio shouted over his shoulders. He was running towards the gate and kept behind Alex's half-heartedly. She could not notice anything abnormal, or in the garden or on the road that could see over the hedge of roses.
Claudio grabbed a bar of the gate, he sighed and turned to Alex with a strange light in her eyes. Without further ado opened.
-So? - \u200b\u200bChurches Alessio skeptical. Beyond the gate there was the normal way as always, did not notice anything abnormal. A man on a bicycle passed without too much hurry, seeing them only in part and worthy of a fleeting glance.
-Come .- Claudio said.
Alessio took a step forward, then another and stopped. It seemed to see something beyond the gate, a kind of floating in the air. He shook his head snebbiare sight, then walked some more '. Two meters from the gate. One meter. The road disappeared. It happened in a moment: a moment before had the asphalt in front of him, the neighbor's house, parked cars. The next moment Alessio looked incredulous trees, shrubs and a narrow path. He stood open-mouthed, unable to speak.
-If you go back a step back the good old way .- He said Claudio.
-How ... What's happening?
-I have no idea, but it impresses you?
-...- Already fascinated Alessio said. Then he realized: "How do we get out?
-I do not know, but maybe we have someone in the cellar that can answer this question.
Yes ... Latin ...
-thou hast spoken no?
-A gestures. My God, look at those trees look real.
-Lo are Ale. The wind moves the leaves, you hear the sounds of the forest and watch out if you can smell the smell of mushrooms. It 's all true.
-I have a Latin dictionary in those boxes, we can perhaps help us understand a bit 'from that ... listen, if a forest has grown out of the house, is not so strange that what is really Romulus, is not it? -
There was no need to respond. The two returned to the house before entering and Alex looked back: the road was back there, calm, motionless and unreachable.
Shortly after they were in the library. The two tried to silence between the boxes, both absorbed in their thoughts and reluctant to express in words what I felt. The imprisonment and the feeling of claustrophobia due to the impossibility of leaving home, opposed to the wonder and curiosity, the euphoria of discovery, the taste of the new. But it was difficult, almost impossible to understand what feeling had the upper hand and so we work with much zeal in an attempt to stifle the overwhelming confusion and anxiety. When at last he found Claudio
the dictionary, their minds snebbiarono to make room for concern if not fear of having to face the man who was tied in the cellar. Romulus, or whatever his real name, frightened them. He was a mysterious man and looked very indomitable.
-What do we do if you loose? - Churches Claudio.
Alessio he just shrugged and went out into the corridor without further words. Claudio followed him into the kitchen, where you go to a small wooden door that opened directly on the cellar stairs. Once inside the door, reached Alessio hand to press the switch but Claudio promptly grabbed his wrist and with a nod of the head made him realize that it was better not to announce their arrival. They went down the dark and when they came down the stairs, they stopped to get used to the eyes. After a few seconds could make out the shapes of water tanks along the wall closest to them, then the shelves full of junk. A strong smell of powder stung his nostrils, and further with a little 'attention was impossible to distinguish the scent of wine left to age.
the middle of the store stood a column. It was there that had bound the man who called Romulus. When Alex was able to make out the outline his pulse quickened. Ventured a few steps into the cellar to the column, all senses alert.
But as soon as it was close enough he saw clearly that the man was still there where they left off. He had no way in the dark to ensure that the hands were still tied, but he noticed that his head was bowed on his chest, as if asleep.
-Turn on the light, Claudio .-
The cellar was lit and Alex for a moment dazzled. Romulus was on the floor, his head bowed, but not asleep. Rather looked like a man defeated and resigned.
Alessio he felt a pleasure he did not know. He grabbed a chair and placed it in front of the prisoner. He sat down, looked at him for a few seconds and then said:
-He looks up. Look at me! -
Romulus raised his head slowly and looked at Alex in the eye, but quickly looked away. He carved the features and tanned skin as that of farmers working in the sun all day. I had very dark hair shoulder-length, dirty and disheveled. The beard was stuck twigs and dry leaves. The eyes of blacks as two deep wells were bright with anger, but also shame.
Alessio was no longer afraid. He defeated man, I can see it in his eyes, and felt powerful. Now just felt great anger towards the person believed responsible his captivity and could only imagine how you would feel Romulus, prisoner of a prisoner. Pass me the dictionary
-Claudio, we see some answers out of cavargli .-
Not since the days of school that do not translate over from Italian to Latin. He discovered that it was not easy and moreover did not even know if the language of man was exactly that of Cicero. He tried various phrases to which Romulus did not answer, but continued to groped and groped his prisoner did not seem to understand. Alex started to become nervous.
-Answer me! - Shouted in his face in exasperation. Romulus for the first time looked into his eyes and uttered a few words from the guttural sound, then returned looking at the floor.
Alessio fell back against the backrest of the chair, tired and disheartened.
-I can not .- Claudio said. The friend did not answer. Alexis looked at him, standing next to him staring open-mouthed Romulus.
-...- I-I stammered Claudio ... I understand ...-
-That means that you understand that? - Churches Alessio.
-I understand ... what he said ... - Claudio said.
-understand Latin?
-No ... or maybe yes ... no, I've never studied Latin. However I've translated. I just got it! And 'as if I was you I spoke, I did not even concentrate. The items I have just arrived. He said you're not talking in his language, though.
-Okay ...- surprised Alex nodded. -Think you can talk to him?
-I do not know, I do not know which language to use.
-Try to talk to him normally. Maybe he understands you.
Claudio sighed and sat on the chair in turn was taken over Alex's. He asked what is most obvious that come to mind: his name. The man replied, "Romulus" without his eyes.
-I realized, it would seem! - Claudio said beaming face Alessio.
The friend was staring at him incredulously
"Indeed it has understood you: you spoke your language!
Claudio began the interrogation.
-I'll let you have any questions, Romulus, are you going to answer truthfully?
-I have nothing to hide .- The man answered.
-Fine, let's start with the most important question: where are you from?
-Nowhere, I have not moved.
-So where do you think you are?
-The place where I am has no name, only a place of suffering.
-What 's that you have crossed the circle in the garden?
-My city.
-Why did you do?
-It 's the only thing I have left. Where's Remus?
I-I questions. Why beyond the gate there is a forest?
Romulus said nothing. He raised his eyes to Claudio with a questioning look and amazed at the same time, then whispered something to voice too low to hear it.
-Did you say something?
-No. Only ... maybe I did ... maybe I'm back ...
But Romulus did not open his mouth.
-Romulus, tell me, how do we go from here?
The prisoner continued to shake my head bewildered. They spent endless seconds, the fateful question that hung in the air. Alex did not dare ask what was going on, afraid to upset the balance that had formed between the two men had to front and who spoke a language unknown to him. Sometimes recognizing a few words with its echoes of Latin, but otherwise it was all incomprehensible.
's eyes seemed snebbiarsi Romulus, as if nothing had happened and said in a voice loud and clear: If there is a
-gate, will lead somewhere. The only way out is to walk, do not you?
Claudio smiled and nodded.
-A 'last thing, Romulus. What language are we talking about?
-E 'the speech of Alba Longa.
-And why I understand you?
-evidently come from there. Now leave me alone, I'm tired.
Claudio rose the chair with his brow furrowed. It was very confusing, but after a moment's thought told the whole conversation to Alexis, who was left even more puzzled. Claudio especially thought the last answer that Romulus had given him. He had never, ever studied the language of Alba Longa, did not even know if anyone had ever done. And it certainly was never in the ancient city. Unless ...
-Alessio, I can understand why I passed on the other side Romulus. It 's absurd, I know, but what is not today? After all, the only difference between you and me is that I entered the woods and you do not .-
-What does it mean that you are entered in the woods? You mean you've crossed the gate?
Claudio nodded sadly and told how to Alexis as he approached the exit to close the car everything seemed normal. The road was still there, nothing foreshadowed what would happen shortly thereafter. He was still thinking of the punch when it was passed by the other party, and was shocked when he found himself out front facing the woods and watch the leaves, smelling the grass, feeling the moisture on the skin of the undergrowth. He remembered how he had advanced a few steps on the ground covered with dry leaves in decomposition and how he had felt lost as soon as the reality of the place struck him like a punch in the stomach. He was terrified because was in an unknown place, with its sense of direction yet terribly upset with the thought in his head that he could not be, no, a forest does not appear in two seconds. When she turned to go back it was with joy that he saw the gate, the gate and over the lawn and the lawn beyond the grandparents of Alexis. But the sides of the gate there was no fence, there was still the forest.
-So I passed him in a hurry, fearing it would disappear from one moment to another .- concluded Claudio.
Alex was very tired. He just wanted to lie down on the bed and try to organize ideas. He proposed to Claudio to stop the interrogation, leaving Romulus bound to the column and refer to the following day each decision. They also had access to the books, but he placed little confidence in them. As far as I knew, it was never something like this happened to anyone else besides them. But try not harmful, and in any case certainly could not do much to leave the house. They only had the advice of Romulus, but Alex was determined not to cross that gate, if not as a very last resort.
returned to the kitchen, Alessio began to boil a cup of tea and then went to prepare the guest room. He moved well in that house, avendoci spent much of his childhood. It was a very big house and his studio did not stand comparison. He was pleased, though he would never have admitted that her grandmother had moved so far away, leaving him the keys to the house until she returned. But both knew that many months would pass before this event. There was also another advantage: the distance would have averted the possibility that her grandmother were trapped in turn in the "circle of Romulus."
After tea and after saying goodbye to Claudio, Alessio went to bed in the room that belonged to her mother when she was a child. Did not want to sleep in the bed of his grandfather.
She fell asleep after a long time, because his thoughts constantly returned to the gate and Romulus, tied in the cellar. Having seized a man, whoever he was, put it uncomfortable. And then there was the detail of the prison, with the aggravating circumstance that the only way out led into the unknown.
The last thought before falling asleep was for his grandfather.
He dreamed of being in front of the mirror to shave his beard singing fly, but what he saw was not his reflection, but leaves stirred by a gentle breeze.


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