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Alessio could not remove his eyes from the gun sticking out from the back of the corpse on the ground. The stems of grass around the body began to soak up the blood. For too many days everything around him seemed disconnected from the world of illusion and the reality of thick red blood that it anchored to reality. Before that moment Alex felt like a visitor to a museum to see paintings from a distance, but are now understood to be in framework.
-L 'you killed, "said in an unsteady voice, then almost whispering-bastard .-
felt to be on the verge of tears but did not. Then he thought that if the rider wanted to finish the job he had no way out, and two tears rigarono the face of earth dirt and sweat. She lifted her chin to face the man and attacked him with more confidence:
-Why did you do? -
Knight approached pace. He stopped next to the body and pressed her gloved hand on the shaft of the spear. Alessio peered from behind his helmet.
-What's your problem - said. Then he drew his strength and throws. Exiles from the body a thick stream of blood and Alex could not hold back a retch.
Knight seemed surprised and hastily dismount. Alessio reached and put her hand on his shoulder, helping him pull himself up. Alessio left to do, but just was not steady on his legs walked away disgusted and frightened by the rider.
-What 's your problem? - He repeated the knight, with wonder in his voice.
-L 'have killed him - says Alessio.
Knight undid the helmet and if you took away the fatigue, then ran a hand through his hair dirty and sweaty. Yes, I killed him. And I almost lost it. I was almost killed off the dog, that disgusting .- With a whistle called the big German shepherd, who came limping.
dog-Bravo, good job. Have you dug out, eh! Bravo! -
Alessio was horrified:-You are talking about a human being, not a damn rabbit! -
Knight laughed.
-A human being, you say? Check it out on your next human being .-
Alessio walked with uncertain steps to the body. He tried not to focus on the hair wound, but could not to understand what he wanted from the rider. The dead man had stubby arms and legs and broad back, dressed in leather and hides, but nothing more.
-Voltalo .- He ordered the rider. Alex started to protest, but thought better of the spear, and he resigned himself to go along with the murderess.
With a wave of disgust put his hands under the belly of the dead. He felt that his fingers are soaked in blood, but preferred not to think about it. He pointed down to earth and made strength. The dead man was surprisingly heavy, grunting and puffing, but finally managed to tilt in the supine position.
Slacciagli-cap and remove it now .-
Alessio tried the leather strap of the cap under the chin of the corpse and in doing so touched her already cold and dead skin. A shudder ran through the back and forced himself to go forward, even if now a thin, morbid curiosity was attacking. He wanted to see who was there under that hood.
But it was not prepared for what he discovered. Undid the cap and slowly took off.
was an angular face and smooth, but not a human face. The grayish skin was stretched over high cheekbones and notes. The lower jaw protruded outside to make room for two short and sharp fangs, the upper teeth were rather squat and made to grind. Where there had to be the nose instead were two narrow slits. On the forehead sprouted numerous bony, such as small horns. But his eyes were
to cause the greatest wonder. Reminiscent of a cat because of their shape, but the pupil was completely black, like a deep pit, and inside the blue and green flickered.
Alessio was speechless. The head began to revolve and had to sit on the floor. Where am I? He wondered. He could not give an explanation and he seemed to have no more fixed points.
-What 's? - Churches Alessio to the knight, pointing to the corpse.
Knight seemed surprised: "Do not have a word for these things, whence you came? Ogre, ogres, oni? Do not say anything these names? -
Alessio did not answer, but stood up and looked at the knight in the face
-I am looking for a friend. If you have not lost in the woods, I think around here the past not many hours ago. I must find him and bring him home somehow, but do not even know where I am. Can you help me, please? -
Knight seemed hesitant. He looked around several times, then seemed to make a decision:
-You must come with me, these hills are not safe.
-And my friend? - Churches Alessio.
-We also find him, if he is here. But first I'll take you to safety. We are going to walk, my horse is too tired to take them both .-
So said fixed nozzle and helmet the saddle, then patted the side of the horse and galloped off toward the southwest.
-He knows the way, will go directly to caer .-
Alex nodded and proceeded to follow the rider.
went down the hill and followed the horse until I could see it. Alex noticed that the ground was mentioned a trail. Round a hill and with no little surprise Alessio path became a real street with white pebbles that wound for miles. It was hidden from the slopes and therefore was not able to find it from his point of observation.
Walking on the road was much smoother and the mood became slowly improving, so that the rider broke the silence:
-My name is Ollerus Rotanev and I am a hunter .- He said cordially.
-My name is Alessio Lupi. We are grateful for the help you're giving me .-
-Believe me, if your friend is really past will find it here. I and my company we are committed in this region for months now, and I know these hills well enough. But we have to find it quickly, because I can say without doubt that it is unwise to walk around here without a guide and without weapons .-
Alessio did not answer.
But before you take the better safe Al├Ęski.
-My name is Alex.
-It 's what I said. Aleski.
-E is Aleski .- Alex sighed.
The road continued straight and you could not see the end. The horizon was clear, not a house or a building obstructing the view. The clouds still loomed gloomy and the air was full of electricity. A storm was approaching.
Ollerus seemed worried by the weather. The road led them with a view to a hill steeper than the others, covered by a dense cover of coniferous trees. The rider seemed relieved:
-L 'other side of this mountain is formed by a rock wall. There are several caves that I sometimes used as a refuge. We will have to stop, otherwise we will take the storm in good middle of nowhere and we will not cover .-
He had not finished speaking when large drops of rain came down on them and all around. Quickened their pace to get around the mountain, and when they were in sight of the rock wall were already soaking wet. The storm had begun.
Ollerus, raising his voice to counter the sound of rain, Alex pointed to a path carved in stone that climbed up to a small cave, a few feet above them.
The climb was difficult because the water ran in rivulets under their feet and made the uncertain path. Tired and breathless entered the cave. They had to get one at a time, beating for not lowering his head, but eventually were at the shelter began to explode just when the first thunder. Inside was the dead wood that Ollerus had collected earlier. The hunter set about to light a fire and Alex sat with his back leaning against the rock. She pressed her knees with her arms and looked out on the day that he had been dark. A few minutes later a spark burned the dry grass and twigs, and soon a cheerful fire crackled in the cave. The two left their clothes to dry, then Alex asked
-This caer you mentioned, what would it be? -
-It 's our camp . A safe place see .-
-Safe? Where do you defend? -
-orcs. These hills are full-
.- I have not seen as we walked
-.- But there were. We have followed this far, but now they are gone to seek shelter in their dens .- Follow-
? -
Yes, but do not worry, they were just guards. There would be attacked, especially after I killed a
.- The rain continued to fall and the storm was intensifying.
-For tonight we will sleep here .- Ollerus said.
-Is not it dangerous? - Churches Alessio, eyeing the fire that had to be clearly visible from the outside.
-No, approach. Not until it rains, at least. The storm lasted all day and all night I think, and tomorrow we will stop moving as soon as
.--We are still far from your camp? -
-Not much. Even a half day's journey .-
Ollerus opened a bag and pulled out two pieces of dried meat and gave one to Alex, then pulled out a loaf of bread and divided. He took a swig from the bottle, passed it to Alex who gave a sip, then ate. Alessio was found hungry and ate it with gusto.
-sleep if you want, you look like someone who has not had a good day .- Ollerus said amicably, and Alex was grateful. Exhausted she lay down and immediately took sleep.
dream of the sea. He was standing on the shore and let the surf's collapse did little by little feet in the sand. While listening to the sound of the waves slow his heart slowly filled with calm and tranquility. But now the horizon appeared a great glider. And the sailing was approaching, more and more, making huge, distressing. It was a huge vessel, of wood, propelled by oars as thick as redwoods. The wind carried to his ears the moans of fatigue of sailors and the hollow sound and rhythm of a drum. When the ship was close enough Alessio could see the figurehead. The finely carved wooden play a long neck squamous cell that carried slightly before culminating in a terrible dragon's head. The eyes were painted red and threatening, while the language was a long snake with open jaws. Alessio he was upset at first, she wanted only to escape, but his feet were sunk so much that he could not move. It was anchored to the beach and the boat continued to approach.
With no little effort, as if emerging from a dense fog, Alex woke up. Still groggy heard the sound of rain, but above it a sweet voice and sang a song collection. He managed to grasp only the final lines:
... like lily of the river had the mantle,
splendevan silver horns of the deer.
Ydalir saw him, called loudly: "Tell me
deer friend, where I am?
Leste and the royal deer walked
where there is dense and dark woods.
Ydalir-Follow me, I'll take
right to your seat, they know.
So they went to the woods and valleys
man and deer together, one after another.
They came finally to the high gates of heaven
, ov 'Ydalir shines like a star.
Lift up your eyes and see
and Deer Hunter.
Ollerus took a shot from a short pipe and sighed, then seemed to realize that Alex had woken up:
-Sorry, I did not bother
-No .- .- Alessio said. - It was a good song .-
-It 's a song for days like this. Pull up the morale .-


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