Friday, August 20, 2010

Milena Velba Waiting Baby


Con il settimo capitolo siamo arrivati alla fine della prima parte del romanzo, dal prossimo capitolo quindi register is changed, there will be a departure point of view of the narrator and a greater turnover of people. Before
to make this blog I want to understand how to defend my ideal copyright, but soon I will.
I have already published the first seven chapters here SigmaKi under the pseudonym, and the working title of the novel has become "Imaginatio. You will understand why later in the story.

I wanted to share the fact that the chapters have had some success: for the first 90 readings, 85 for second, 48 for the third, then 37, 33 and 27 for fourth, fifth and sixth. I have just published the seventh, so there are still sensitive data. That the readings have declined is normal, because people tend to read online only self-contained stories, but the first chapter continues to be read and reached high figures without any advertising (other comments to stories) and sorpattutto without being familiar with the community of 'elite (ie the same people that if they sing and if the sound alone!). The average readings for the new stories on that site is around 20, so my 90 I like how. And I also like that an average of 30 people is continuing to follow the story through seven chapters, and especially to be receiving messages of encouragement to continue.

Well, after this self-centered news, I inform you that soon will come the eighth chapter ... even if I do not know if there is like what you read! Maybe you're tired!

you soon!


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