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Letter Of Termination Of Telephone Line


Alessio Wolves had a long pause at the receiver. In his mind he was trying the best way to tell his friend what he was looking right at that moment out the window. It was not easy, since he could hardly believe it. Even though his eyes were good and his mind clear, looked more and more he became convinced of being mad.
It took courage and uttered the phrase in a single breath:
-Romulus founded Rome is in my garden .-
A month before Alex's grandfather had died. To lose someone so important in his life was indeed a hard blow. While still a child never missed an opportunity to visit his grandfather, especially to hear the fantastic stories that extolled. Thanks to him, he learned to read very early and found that the stories written on paper tasted quite different from those told by the booming voice of his grandfather, a warm and intimate flavor. Immediately took the habit of burrowing into the vast library his grandfather, who had a particular fascination for a child with a strong imagination like that of Alex. More growth, more discussions between the two became an exchange of views and opinions. They talked of everything: history, politics, religion, philosophy, music. But the argument that Alex was the preferred mythology. The great epic sagas and fairy tales made him daydream.
The two had a special relationship: Alessio was the first grandchild and was the only one who showed such great interest in literature. It was for this reason that he received as an inheritance all the books in the library.
The day everything changed, Alex was right there among the shelves. Was filling of the cartons and transported to his apartment. He had just finished canning the last volume left off and tired and sad to see the room that now seemed so empty. The shelves were bare and dusty solid polished mahogany desk seemed to be smaller without the hassle of paperwork, lamps, letter openers, pens and ashtrays. All the paintings had been removed and stowed in the cellar. The endless landscapes that were featured match perfectly with the stories he read right there on the big chair burgundy. Alessio was seriously thinking of appropriating even those, rather than leaving them to rot in a dark corner. The only thing left hanging was a wooden mask carved from one of many trips to his grandfather, probably from Africa. He had never liked the mask, in fact, he was terrified when he was little and even now she felt uncomfortable, almost as if those orbits carved fix it and judges it.
Alex ran a hand through his curly hair and dropped into the chair. Her grandmother, who was afraid to live alone in a house so big, she went to live temporarily in his native country with his sister and he had the opportunity to get to work. All the time he had spent in there, more than four days of continuous work, he always engaged the mind with titles, authors and publishers. Now but felt the silence that dwells in that house. The hallways were dark, empty rooms. The silence was deafening.
remembered as almost twenty years before a child's fanciful drawings on the big kitchen table, waiting for her grandmother to finish cooking. She was rattling the pots, told the gossip was all busy and happy. From the huge pine that stood in the garden at times he felt like a cuckoo issue a recall, the umbrella from the road outside the houses attract women with a slightly droning megaphone. You could feel the smell of tomato sauce, wine and pasta, but on the whole prevailed and the aroma of fresh laundry. Alessio drawing and coloring until completely absorbed by the felt corridor, a muffled cough, then another:
-He woke up his grandfather! - shouted excited.
Yes, Alexis, then soon, sets! - Answered the grandmother. And it gave Alex a lot of trouble, because he wanted his grandfather was happy and we told him many new things. While putting down the glasses asked for the thousandth time: "But why
grandfather wakes up at noon?
The answer was always the same:
-grandfather wakes up late for falling asleep at night.
-What time? - Urged Alessio. He already knew the answer, but every time he did stand open-mouthed.
-At three o'clock, four o'clock, it depends! - Grandma replied amused.
-How come? Why
-law as the grandfather, Alessio, otherwise it tells you when you come to eat with us? But please, do not tired today, you know that you carry! Then shake and the heart is not right! -
Alessio knew by heart the time of his grandfather, and was listening to be ready. First steps in the corridor, a little 'slow and sleepy. Then the bathroom door which was closed, shortly after the toilet and the roar of the water in the sink, some gargle and then began to shave his beard. Alessio understand him because his grandfather was singing as she did. His voice was deep and in tune. He sang "Volare" and called Song-my-beard.
After the ritual through the corridor
-Vooooolaaare ... Ooooohhh oooh ... Arriva
-grandfather's grandfather arrives!
-Caaaantare ... Oh oh oh oh!
-Here it comes soon grandma with the dishes!
In the blue-painted blue! Happy to be there! With ... You!
A man very tall, imposing, his face stern but sweet eyes full of joy and smiling revealed itself in the kitchen, framed by the fatigue of the door jambs. The belly was round and tight for good food.
-Come on, give me a kiss that I've smoothed everything just for my favorite nephew! -
was really smooth and fragrant. The smell of the skin of his grandfather would have accompanied him throughout his life and the kiss on the cheek was not a practice that never died out, except by his death. Every time I visited him, even before you say a "hello", the deposited a kiss on the cheek. She had kissed him when he was unconscious now, a month earlier.
these memories in such contrast with the prevailing silence engulfed him like a raging river and the tears came out from dry eyes without him noticing. She cried for several minutes until he realized that silence was not so complete. At first he thought I was hearing his sobs, but then realized that the sound came from the garden.
He approached the window and looked out. Everything seemed normal but ...
... near the pine tree was a man with a large pointed stick plowed the ground. She had not noticed immediately because his clothes were so dirty that blend with the vegetation. He was barefoot, his hair unkempt and his muscles toned.
-Sorry, you can repeat? - Churches Claudio Varreno puzzled.
-I said in my garden that is the goddamn Romulus founded his city.
-Alessio you feel good?
-do you think? Listen, I do not know what it takes, it will be exhaustion, the trauma will be the death of my grandfather, but I have hallucinations come to me and I'm asking you now to take, because alone I'm not moving from here.
-Okay, okay show, now you're calm. Alex could not simply be a tramp? I do not understand why you have to think of a hallucination ... then why the heck did you put in your head that is Romulus!?
-told me he .- said Alessio.
-You went to talk to your hallucination?
-Stupid, I also thought it was a tramp! And then I spoke to him from the balcony ...
-Ok, ok, but does not change: it is a crazy hobo with delusions of grandeur.
-Speak Latin.
-Ah ...
-At least, appears to Latin. And even if a vagabond, come here and help me to kick him out.
- Okay, I'll be there in a few minutes .-
Alessio felt immediately relieved when the bell finally rang. He had been to monitor the intruder through the window for the whole quarter of an hour later, but it had seemed that the time had greatly slowed its progress. The state of siege at home did not like at all. In that short period of time Romulus had disappeared like a soap bubble, indeed, had behaved like a normal person. Almost normal. After closing its circle plowed into the soil had collected some acorns, looked intrigued by the barrel of water and smelled the flowers, then sat in the garden. Meanwhile the sun had set and the sky had taken on a nice claret. Alessio
rushed out the front door and paused on the porch, scanning the gate and keeping an eye on the intruder. His friend was there waiting for Claudio's opened and Romulus did not seem to have noticed. With keys in hand, quickening his pace, he walked along the cobblestone streets that ran through the garden.
-Hello, now I'll go .- He said turning the key in the door, his hand trembling slightly.
-Not a bit 'grown for imaginary friends? From now I'll take you home. Of course this is just strange, maybe it will be better to call a doctor who will prescribe some pain killers! - The derision Claudio.
Alessio felt safer now that he was in good company. Smiled and looked at the center of the garden, behind the pine, with the hope that the hallucination was gone. But it was still there, sitting cross-legged on the grass, one of the busy munching acorns.
-There he is my "friend." Claudio Met Romulus, Romulus, Claudio .- This is said with sarcasm.
-Oh ...- Claudio said.
-Oh? - Alessio said.
dall'acciottolato Claudio had moved and was moving across the lawn, with cautious step.
-Alessio, I am your hallucination can not see it, right?
-What do you mean? -
-I mean, I can not see a man sitting on the ground, with long hair, dirty clothes and eating an acorn if it is your hallucination, right?
-Oh my god .-
Alessio was both relieved and alarmed. While he was happy not to be mad, the other was scared of him and did not like the idea of \u200b\u200bavvicinarcisi. Now the man was rising from the floor and was staring at them maliciously. All too malicious, for his taste.
-Claudio, if that is Romulus, let me remind you that killed his brother to be entered as a stupid circle, remember the story, no?
Ale-Do not be stupid, that's a bum and now hunting ...
did not finish the sentence: Romulus bowed his head and charged, hitting Claudio violently in the stomach. The two plunged to the ground with great agility and Romulus is worn over the opponent, his hands clenched into fists above his head, ready to calarle hard on his skull. But Alessio, aroused dismay initial sull'intruso pounced, knocking him back to the ground and tying his hands.
-Fasteners feet! - Shouted to his friend. But Claudio, still dazed, was not fast enough and took a kick on the chin.
-Fast! Do something! - Grid Alessio, who struggled to take firm the man, who proved surprisingly strong.
Claudio snebbiarla shook her head and looked around frantically to find something that could be useful. A few yards to his right a stick addocchiò quite heavy, and caught him with the force of desperation struck on the head of the opponent.
Romulus lost consciousness and collapsed under the weight of Alessio. The two friends looked at each other with a mixture of terror and relief, then finally relax the muscles.
-Let's get home, we can not leave him .- He said Claudio.
-No, I do not want the house. E 'damn loud, I prefer to tie it in the cellar. Then call the police and explain everything.
man dragged into the cellar as quickly as possible, with the fear that you wake up. Bound him and shut the door.
returned home. Claudio said he left the car open, and that the first call would be better to go and close.
Alex still could not comprehend everything that had happened. The sun was gone and out of the world was shrouded in darkness. Do not wait and decided to call the police before his friend returned. It was all a quiver and missed several times to dial the number. When at last he succeeded, he sat on a chair and began to listen to the ringing distracted. Slowly, ring after ring, his body relaxed. At the other end of the unit was slow to respond. Meanwhile, Claudio heard back from the front door and close it behind him. I listened to the corridor and finally saw him look out the kitchen door.
Something was wrong, I noticed his expression. Meanwhile, the phone kept ringing and Alessio asked with a questioning expression:
-Is something wrong?
-hang up, "said Claudio. I do not believe that someone can respond.


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