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Laser Operation For Spectacle Removal

Fox Hunting

leaves, branches, trees everywhere Alessio looked. In front of him seemed to branch out a path winding like a snake, but so close and so little was mentioned that well be the only track of some animal.
calculated that twenty minutes had passed since he was released Romulus, so they were more or less the eleven in the morning. Fortunately he had all day to go before it got dark. He turned to the path and moved the first step back into the woods, but there were a long way before a strange feeling of anxiety assailed him. He was thinking how great it could be the woods, where animals could hide, to where the trail would take him. The unknown frightened him and paralyzed his legs. It was like vertigo, he seemed to be on the edge of a cliff and watch the void beneath him. He closed his eyes, drew a long breath and held him to a count to five. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Releasing the air in a slow sigh, opened his eyes and went further into the trees.

The humidity was high and his clothes clung to the body. After an hour's walk his forehead was beaded with sweat and jeans chafing thighs. The shoes, which were not suitable for walking long distances, began to hurt and cut his toe heels. The worst was that the landscape did not seem to change anything. He began to fear star turning in circles. After the first half hour of walking the path had disappeared and Alex had to take off the branches that obstructed the passage. He had his hands cut and scratched arms and legs, but every effort seemed futile. The discouragement was about to overwhelm him again when finally the trees thinned out and Alexis found herself in a clearing. It was little more than a grassy area, a place where plants had not yet taken over. The sun shone through the foliage, giving an amber-colored grass and see the light after so much gloom, he was somewhat comforting. He sat on the ground to rest. He was breathing heavily, the sweat was burning my eyes and cuts hurt him. The mood was not the best.
He wondered if Claudio had been there, but it seemed unlikely: the forest was so big that his friend could have taken any direction. But while he was deep in thought something on the ground caught his attention. He had seen the corner of a twinkle, like a metal object that reflects the sunlight. He began to try pushing the leaves with the palm of his hand until he bumped into something small and cold. It was a much lighter rusty. Picked it up and nursed for a while ', admiring the design of the engravings which reproduced a flame. Claudius had quit smoking two years before but had heard some time for superstition always wore the jacket a pack of cigarettes and a lighter in case of need. He might not be a test, it might be that a hunter had passed there, distracted and had lost the lighter. But little hope I made the right direction on the trail of his was what he needed to continue.
reluctantly left the clearing and began to walk. It was not long before Alex was a noise coming from a little further weakened. He stopped not to cover the sound with his feet and after a moment of concentration I could detect it again. It was the sound of a stream or river. It was still far away and therefore unable to realize its scope. He walked in the direction of each shower, accelerating the pace. As you progress through the noise grew stronger and more insistent. By now he had no doubt, was to be a river, and probably was even in the middle. Increased even more pace, then ran in the bushes, moving frantically branches. The forest slopes gently in a mild slope and the trees became more sparse. The grass soon left the place in damp earth covered with pine needles. Now the road was much smoother and the noise louder.
He passed the last group of trees and found himself running on the rock. In front of them, two hundred yards from where he was finally saw the water. It was a river that bisects the forest, and to overcome it was to find a ford or a bridge, but I think this is positive, because if he found the bridge was also found in the street, or at least a path. Once on the road could hitchhike and get the first country to make a phone call and who knows, maybe find Claudio comfortable and rested in the shade of some hotel room. He reached the river bank and fell to refresh your face. He took a sip of fresh water is crystal clear. On the bottom he saw small fish swimming in favor of the current, touching the rocks protruding from the surface. He removed his shoes and washed his feet sore.
Caress of water on bare skin was very relaxing and Alex sat on the rocky shore to enjoy that moment of sweet peace. He noticed that all along the shore grew tufts of grass sticking out between them and some brave white lily. He remained entranced by their beauty and contemplated them for a long time. But suddenly in front of him, on the other side, felt a fleeting movement. Now he began to peer through the bushes and trees, on the other side came to shore, but could not see anything wrong with that.
-Hey - He shouted. "Who is it? -
He pulled up gingerly and cried out:-There 's someone? I'm lost! -
Nothing. Probably he had seen an animal, he thought. He bent down and took the shoes, but just then a human figure moved from behind a bush and jumped through the trees whisper quiet.
-Hey you! - Called after him Alex, but it was too later. The man was already gone.
"Damn" he thought. He pulled up socks and shoes in a hurry, then ran haltingly along the shore, occasionally throwing a blind eye to try to see the man again. The rocks were smooth and slippery due to moss, and Alex continued to divert attention, as it was taken with excitement. So it was that at the very moment in which saw the silhouette of the new man on the other side of the river put a foot wrong and fell into ruin in the water. The current dragged him for a few meters in the middle of the riverbed and anguish he realized he could not touch the bottom with their feet. Swim fairly well, but the depth had always given dizzy. Remain on the surface and gasped for spitting and gasping began to slap the water in an attempt to bring ashore. With no little effort was able to bring safe, confused and looking around she realized that at least now she no longer needed a bridge. Was on the other side, but even the shadow of man.
walked with wet clothes for half an hour, following the river bank, still determined to find the road and civilization. As they proceeded, the river flow decreased. Even the trees thinned out, so he did and along a sparse undergrowth. Now that the eye could sweep, his hopes became even more vain. He was in a vast region, the forest behind him, in front of you only Hills. The only thing that separates the monotony of the landscape was the long stretch of the river, which wound through miles of roads but did not see. The sun was high in the sky, and it was hot, even if the horizon could be seen distinctly large clouds of blacks, loads of rain.
Alessio decided to follow the river was no longer necessary now that no longer run the risk of getting lost among the trees. Indeed, the best solution seemed to reach the top of one of the hills, hoping to spot something or someone from the top. So it was that broke away from the river and started walking uphill. Once again he found himself in trouble with the shoes, which had several times the smooth soles slid on the pebbles and the grass, but it was a hard climb, walk rather bitter. At the top was hit by an icy wind, and downstream could not hear because sheltered from the hill itself. It had to shield his eyes with his open hand and the sky looked worried. The clouds, blown by the wind, were becoming closer and threatening, and all around could not see a possible shelter. He sat on the ground to rest, and began to gaze at the scenery, so strange but so beautiful. The green hills looked like a sea tossed by the waves, the wind ruffling his hair and was wearing the first drops of rain.
Suddenly he heard a dog barking furiously. Alex jumped up and reached out to listen. She heard the barking again and then a deep, hollow sound that did not recognize. Afterwards, on top of one of the hills that stood out in front peeped the figure of a man running away, that in less than no time Caracalla crossed the summit and down the slope. Alex began to shake his arms frantically jumping on the spot:
-Hey! I'm here! Over here! -
But the man ran as if the devil behind them and kept turning around to look behind him. It was not even reached halfway down that appeared over the top launched a large dog in pursuit of the fugitive. The dog barked so loudly that Alex covered his ears as he watched the terrified beast gaining ground with every stride. The man had arrived at the bottom of the hill and now running on the flat pitch safer. Arrived at the foot of the hill on which it was taken without delay to rise Alessio. Now that was closer Alessio could see that the man was dressed in leather on his head and wore a cap that hid his face, but his attention was not as soon as he heard it again, more distinctly, the strange noise before. He took quick look at the top of the hill where man and dog had arrived, and opened her mouth in amazement, unable to give a breath. It was the sound of a horn, what he felt, and the horn was played by a knight who rode a powerful horse chestnut. The rider settled down on the saddle, he gave a violent tug at the reins and rushed down the hill fast.
The Fugitive let out a yell of despair, which again attracted the attention of Alexis. It was good because it came just a few feet away from him stands a leap forward with arms outstretched toward Alex, who clumsily avoided, going to end up sitting on the high grass. The man lost his balance, fell and immediately tried to get up, but the dog caught him and beat him with all his weight crushing ground. He roared with anger, rolling the body punch to end up sending him to the dog nearby.
Alex looked at him to get up and walk a few steps faltering. The knee gave him for a moment and seemed to fall again, but found his balance and began to run again, hesitantly. Alex felt the air move behind him. The rider's darted to one side, very close. He was able to see the trappings of the saddle, the leather boots of the rider, the sun was reflected in the steel of his armor muddy. He observed with dismay that a spear in his left hand. He saw that the arm is lifted, the fingers were closed into a better grip. The Knight weighed the weapon, loaded the shot by turning the upper body and arching their backs and finally flung.
The spear penetrated the back of the fugitive as if it were butter. The horse past him while the man was determined to move a few more steps towards salvation now in vain. The Knight took the reins and the horse spun just in time to face the dying, he fell with his face lying in the grass.


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