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Enaur was no longer in the skin. He ran home with his fists clenched with emotion and his mouth tightened to hold back the laughter. The streets of caer were splashes of color to be left behind. The child could only see his home, straight in front of you, nearer and nearer. He crossed the little wooden gate without even realizing it, comes down with all his weight, very little in reality, against the door. Tumbled inside and ran into the skirts of his mother, who was quite surprised and puzzled.
-Enaur! What are you doing?!
The boy said something unintelligible and passed the mother headed for her bed. He fumbled a long time to find between the covers of a stuffed dog that had given his father a long time ago. Pressed him under his arm, then snapped back to the door in a hurry to return from where it came from. But the firm hand of his mother grabbed him by the collar and lifted him half-span, even if at first Enaur even noticed it and kept kicking the air, still thinking of running on the ground. Let
-Where are you going to race?
Ric-must see!
-What? What needs to see that ragged doll?
-C 'is a feast!

Enaur As soon as he arrived at the gates of the city was hit by the scent of a hundred different dishes. He felt the aroma of roast pig, that of corn burned, the strong smell of cheese and other foods that could not even recognize. The people caer had opened the cupboards and put his hand to the provisions jealously guarded. Yes, they were hard days and are struggling to save money, but the king had returned and we had to celebrate. The king had returned, and people believed that he brings with him hope. There would be no need to ration, now that LotR was back together. But
Enaur did not think of hope, rationing and extravagance, thinking only in the festivities. The space under the walls of Caer Ydalir was a riot of colors. Everything was in turmoil among the shopkeepers who improvised and banqueting for people who roamed the party out of curiosity. Even saw the acrobats and acrobats who, Enaur could not know, had crossed two weeks before the caravan of the king and were made to follow her secretly. The head of those artists was a traveler who could see a bargain when she passed under the nose, and even then was not mistaken.
-Where there is a king, there is a city, and if the king is returning home is very likely to make a party. They will need us! - He said the two jugglers and fire eaters to the three players that made up his company. To tell the truth even had a cat, but it was getting its facts.
Now they were mounting a small stage and scenery painted on planks of wood (trees, rocks, animals of the forest) and one of the eaters did somersaults to entertain a group of children.
Enaur passed. Later that evening, he stopped to watch the real show, now would be a waste of time. He saw some peasants carrying musical instruments and followed them up to a clearing where they stopped and began to rehearse for a concert not bad. All around them the women and girls were busy with several tables set the table, while men hang lanterns from trees. While Enaur eyes in ecstasy all that excitement, something darted to his side, ripping out the poor from the hand puppet Ric. It was the cat of acrobats, now darting among the tables with the stuffed dog in its jaws. Enaur immediately began to run after it hit several people while trying to maneuver in the forest of legs, which was the feast. He also overturn a fruit stand and felt as he ran behind the vendor cursed him. He laughed and shouted to the cat that had just caught him he would have challenged to a duel! He fell back in amazement when the cat suddenly stopped directing the hair. That he had heard? Enaur was not so sure you want to duel with that animal full of nails and teeth. But the cat did not look at him, but a large hunting dog that was advancing in front of his master, who at the time for Enaur, concentrated on the two contenders, was of very little interest. The dog avanzava con passo regale, dando l'impressione di curarsi ben poco del gatto, che dal canto suo invece soffiava e ringhiava come una furia. Il pupazzo Ric era caduto in terra ed Enaur stava decidendo se fosse il caso di scattare ad afferrarlo o aspettare, quando il padrone del cane fece calare la sua grossa mano su Ric, mentre con l'altra afferrava il gatto per la collottola e lo scostava in malo modo. L'uomo si avvicinò ad Enaur, e solo quando gli porse il pupazzo il bambino lo guardò in faccia. Era un volto gentile e sorridente, anche se segnato ed invecchiato precocemente. Ma soprattutto era un volto conosciuto: ad Enaur mancò il fiato quando riconobbe Ollerus Rotanev, l'eroe.
-Prendilo, piccolo. E' tuo, vero?
-Sì Sir, Thank you .- Enaur answered, then not knowing what else to add:-What a beautiful dog -
Ollerus smiled and seemed to rejuvenate.
-It's called Cloud.
-Ma is black!
-No, it's black! And you know that when I found, as a puppy, it was white and his hair was soft and fluffy like a cloud! Then it became so over time, the first gray and then black.
-Maybe she is angry and has become a nuvolaccia by storm!
-Maybe! When she is angry is just a storm, yes! But it is very good, trust me!
Enaur timidly approached his hand to the face of Cloud, but withdrew it immediately with one click. The dog gave signs of impatience, and approached the child, who instead backed off a bit '. Cloud, impatiently, he lowered his huge head and tried to hand Enaur, which finally stroked.
-What is your name, kiddo?
-Enaur, sir.
-Enaur Well, would you keep company with Cloud for a while ', say up to tonight?
-Thank you, Enaur, tamer of the Storm! -

Ollerus looked at the dog and the child moved away. He smiled at the thought that little was now much safer with a dog as a cloud to act as his guard. But he soon forgot all this, Aleski when she saw him waving from a distance with no little difficulty while trying to make his way through the crowd. When I finally reached him shook hands, and looked at him puzzled Aleski:
-I thought you were leaving! -
Ollerus looked around, smiled and said:
-I asked the king to let him go tomorrow. It's been years since I saw the people in my party, you know?
-And so the great Ollerus, the hero, like to have a feast!
Ollerus's face became more serious
-I'm not a hero. I'm like everyone else.
-Excuse me, Ollerus, really. Hey, did you hear?
-Challenge! Ne parlano tutti!
-Quale sfida?
-No, allora non ti dico nulla e ti lascio la sorpresa!
Ollerus non riuscì a trattenere una risata fragorosa che stupì Aleski ed un po' anche sé stesso. Era una risata genuina che saliva dal petto e gli esplodeva in gola, facendolo sentire rinato. Quel ragazzo di un altro mondo gli stava proprio simpatico.
Fu una risata contagiosa, tanto che Aleski dovette prendere fiato prima di esclamare:
-Allora andiamo, o ci perderemo lo spettacolo!-
Si fecero strada tra la gente che passeggiava, tra i bambini che si rincorrevano tra loro, tra le bancarelle. Passarono di fronte al palco degli artisti girovaghi, ormai completato, where the comedian was already rallying the audience. The crowd thickened as they proceeded, but Ollerus could see that later, near a large oak tree, people opened up to the rim, leaving a large empty space.
-That 's where we going? - Churches Ollerus.
-We will not see anything, there are too many people!
-Do not worry, we Caio is holding a place on the steps! Do you remember Dick? The
-old man who tells all those stories? Yes, I remember.
-Do not worry, it has stopped!
-No! You said
Oh, yes, LOTRO has wanted to make it big!
-What does the king?
-E 'was he to lay down the challenge! Caio Here, we have arrived! -
was impossible not to see the old Dick, sitting on the wooden steps of a building specially made in haste the night before, while the banquet took place. He had a broad flashy dress, red and blue, and seemed unable to sit still with excitement. He had always been fat and move in a confined space was not his forte. Yet he continued to change position, rubbing their hands to stretch the neck, with the result of constantly banging against the neighbor. But what made him more recognizable was his great big head Bald, who was blushing prolonged exposure to the sun.
stretched his arms and snapping fingers plump but long, Caio make eye contact with that of Aleski and jumped to his feet. He began to gesticulate with broad movements of the arms, beckoning to join him. Aleski Ollerus diverged and four or five spectators and Caius and finally reached their seats.
-you've been waiting for! Aleski, Aleski oh! And Ollerus Rotanev in person, sir, what a pleasure to have you here! - Said the old man as he worked to remove all objects that he used to take two seats to newcomers.
-Dick, you do not need all these ceremonies. Why are you so excited? - Churches Ollerus.
-But of course for the challenge! It will be epic! Tell of this fight for my children's children!
-Dick, as you have, more than seventy years? - Churches Aleski amused. Seventy-
, so what?
-You do not have children! I
They laughed all three together, then Ollerus said, betraying some impatience:
-of you, Dick, I do not trust, but also Aleski seems pretty excited. You tell me what happens?
-Know, Ollerus, LotR that King has launched a fight between two champions! - Aleski said.
-One is very close to her, I would say ...- continued Caio.
-...E l'altro è misterioso!- Concluse Aleski.
-Darius combatterà contro l'elfo?- Chiese Ollerus. Aleski e Caio lo guardarono sconcertati.
-Hai tolto tutta la suspance.- Si lamentò Aleski.
-Cosa significa?
-Lascia perdere. Piuttosto, sembrerebbe che ieri sera Tokdai Marah abbia parlato a lungo con il re, durante il banchetto, delle capacità militari del vostro popolo e che spesso sorridesse beffardamente alle parole di Lotr. Al che Gawain Darius, che ascoltava senza dir parola, si è indispettito e ha chiesto all'elfo se egli fosse forse capace di meglio. Ma l'elfo non parla con chi non conosce, e così ha deciso per lui il re: una prova di forza tra i due, as a sign of respect and friendship among peoples, and to decide who the prince and Darius was the best. Or something like that! -.
was silenced by the sudden silence. All those who had gathered in the plaza at the foot of the tree were struck dumb. On the opposite side where Ollerus, Caio Aleski had taken place and the people stood aside to let the king, who advanced to bold steps. Reached the center of the space embraced all viewers with a look, then went to sit on a wooden bench prepared especially for him. Soon after, more heavily, there came a man so old as to seem decrepit, who wore tight trousers and a blue shirt with yellow puffy sleeves and collar. On his shoulders he wore a short black coat. Peaked at the center of the plaza, and bowed with a surprisingly deep voice scanned without shouting, but being heard very clearly:
-Ladies and gentlemen. Gawain Darius Green
.- In the silence the sound of hundreds of heads turned toward the Corridor is left open after the passage of the king was deafening. From a distance it was approaching the silhouette of a man who proceeded slowly, without the willingness of LOTRO. His steps were measured and his eyes fixed on the ground were moving jerkily, as if he was cataloging every single stone. A Gawain Darius did not like the looks of people.
reached the old banditore e si inginocchiò di fronte al re, estrasse la spada e gliela depose con cura ai piedi. Re Lotr sorrise compiaciuto e fece un gesto con la mano. Gawain Darius rinfoderò la spada e mentre si rialzava la cotta di maglia tintinnò come una cascata sulle rocce. Il banditore tornò a far sentire la sua voce:
-Il principe incappucciato, Tokdai Marah.-
Questa volta il rumore della folla fu disomogeneo, perché non sapevano dove guardare. L'elfo non si vedeva da nessuna parte.
Gawain Darius batté un piede per terra, più deluso che indignato. Si era aspettato un avversario all'altezza, un bel duello finalmente. Stava per lasciare lo spiazzo quando da dietro la quercia apparì l'elfo, imbardato in his hood. He went to Darius and whispered:
-Sorry, I was detained .- The general did not know whether to amaze me was extremely quiet and melodious voice elf, or the fact that he had spoken. But his thoughts were interrupted again by the auctioneer:
-In the presence of King LotR Hortanon, son of Hort, on this earth today will decide who is the best between the sample and the sample of the elven people of Caer Ydalir. Tokdai that Marah could admire our strength and give us the rate of its value. Samples, this is the message that the king has given you: to fight against the one you now face as an enemy to know who in future will be at your side as a friend! -
The old man walked away, leaving the two contenders to face, surrounded by total silence.


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