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An unexpected guest

The moment the sun disappeared over the mountains from the sky orange tinged a beautiful pink so as to force even the swallows to stop their flight and planar light to admire the skyline. They were the last rays of day that stroking the crests with scattered snow is late autumn in the air clean, but anyone who saw the show thought to be in front of the passage of a wandering goddess who walks through the world betrayed his presence in the eyes of mortals.
then became dark. Far and wide across the Vanegard we hurried to go home. The orcs in the woods hunting were preparing to light a camp fire, while their wives in the villages recall the puppies that lingered in the hope of seeing their fathers back. Human factors rushing herds, and all the fields resounded with the barking of sheepdogs. In caer women serrano windows and lit the fires, the last customers of the inn, unsteady returning to their homes, leaving room for the night drunks.
And a page in the Hall of Origin announced that King LotR was ready to welcome its guests.
The banquet was held in the throne room, the only big enough to hold all the guests.
Aleski, on entering, had happened at first the sensation of being in a small basilica with a nave. The floor was marble and the perimeter of the hall was surrounded by sturdy columns carefully crafted. For each column different hung a shield of wood, iron, bronze, and each had a different symbol on the back. At the center basted the nave were two long tables, and a third, raised, staked on them. Behind, in the end of the hall, the throne could be seen, perched at the end of a steep staircase of black marble.
A tall man who was walking next to Aleski to the table, nudged him and informed him: "Look
, that is the pride of kings! Daf Nivaria say that the same has carved from a single oak trunk! -
Aleski smiled uncertain, not knowing what to do, where to go and sit, some healthy and what to say. Darius had lost sight of Gawain, the only familiar face in the sea of \u200b\u200bfeatures. But then he saw Ollerus climb the raised platform and go and sit at central table. He tried to be seen, but the crowd was anxious to get the best seats and stifled every attempt. Ollerus escape past a page call, who nodded to indicate his direction. The page to Aleski Caracalla, making their way with difficulty among the guests, against the current. Joined him, took him by the arm and dragged him in the direction from which it came.
When they were safe, the page he put his mouth to ear and Aleski, to be heard in the general chaos, yelled
-Your place is close to Mr. Ollerus! -
then ran away. Aleski climbed the dais and approached his friend, il quale si alzò e gli strinse la mano. Se fino ad un'ora prima Ollerus era sembrato scostante e pensieroso, ora appariva molto più sollevato, quasi gioioso. Aleski ne fu felice, perché da quando era tornato gli era sembrato più angosciato che mai.
Si sedettero entrambi, ed anche la folla poco per volta trovò posto. Quando tutti furono seduti il rumore assordante di poco prima si trasformò in un lieve vociare.
Al centro della tavola c'erano due posti liberi. Ollerus era seduto a sinistra di essi, Gawain Darius a destra. Gli altri nove posti rimanenti erano occupati da uomini che Aleski non aveva mai visto.
All'improvviso, as it was started, the cries ceased. The eyes of all the guests are focused towards the entrance of the salon. In came two servants, who looked round, and then stepped aside. Then came a page, which hurried to the table and stood behind the two seats empty. Finally entered the King LotR. Not very tall and strong as a rock tempered by the years, wore light armor of leather. The white beard streaked with gray, hazel eyes who scrutinized every corner, trapped in the habit of always having to be constantly prepared for the worst. On his head he wore a silver circle in geometry. His step was unsteady, because of a severe wound to his left calf reported in battle many years ago, but advanced with great dignity.
In normal situations, the guests would not have had eyes only for him, trembling and adoration would give the elbow to his neighbor, they would have exchanged eloquent looks, would make jokes under his breath and would have enjoyed the full entry of the king. But that day my eyes were all for the individual who followed him.
not much can be said of him, except that it was much higher than the sovereign, and that his appearance was indecipherable: it was completely covered by a long dark green cloak. His face was hidden under the hood.
When the king and the mysterious visitor reached their seats, The page pulled back the chairs to seat them and disappeared when they were sitting somewhere behind a small door on the wall.
Everyone was waiting for the king, who did not wait. He took a cup of red wine, rose and said:
-When a man is in lands unknown to him, surrounded by unknown faces who speak alien languages. When a man lives dangerous, and extraordinary adventures. When a man encounters beings above his own humanity. When a man has fallen in the legend, there is only one thing that can not falter. Only one thing I can give him the strength not to lose himself. That thing is awareness. The knowledge that they say stop and back at home! And 'this is my home, my home is you! -
last words echoed in the ceiling and shook the torch, but the roar that arose from the bystanders was incomparable. The King waited until the crowd calmed down and took their joy:
-In starless nights, cold, camping with my stock in the long journey I made, I thought to my land, at Caer Ydalir, that I finally call home, even though our home is where the orcs have planted their villages with arrogance. But I promise you that soon riavremo our land! My trip was fruitful. I learned something that will be useful, but above all I brought with me an ally. Gentlemen, please, give the best compliments to my friend, Prince Tokdai Marah!
Many people got up to see better, everyone was full of questions that poured on his neighbor. Tokdai Marah did not rise, for Aleski seemed he was trying to avoid the stares of people.
-E '.- The Caped a Ollerus said softly.
-This is getting so worked up, the king brought a hooded, a prince to come.
-What 's a hooded? An enemy? The hooded
-do not trust anyone because anyone could be their enemy. They are also called Elves.
-Elves? Really? In my world it is said the elves!
"Then you know why I'm so shy.
-No, I know you are immortal, beautiful and magical.
-All things you ask him, we know nothing of hooded and their way of life. We know only one thing: they are precious.
-Precious? Their hair-
. Gold thread, the hair of females, males are those of silver. There are those who would kill to capture an elf. Their nature tickles the greed of many.
-Are you serious?
-wear the cap to go unnoticed. And for those not enticed them to meet. You will not find pure gold or silver, believe me.
Even here at
-caer is in danger?
-Wherever you may hide the greed, anyone can improvise hunter elves. But very few can hope to catch one and stay alive. I hear they are very fast, and when that run away when they kill. The fact remains that King LotR was unwise to reveal the name if it had not done the elf could pass himself off as a human, and find a story to justify the cap worn in the presence of the king. But now a suspicion became certainty is also among the most foolish .-
-Toast on my return, and eat - thundered the king.
Thus began the banquet. Vennero portati cibi a volontà, e la birra scorse a fiumi. Il suono dei violini e delle ghironde allietava la serata. Aleski non potè fare a meno di pensare che tutto quel cibo, nei livelli bassi della città, non si sarebbe mai visto. La selvaggina scarseggiava e i raccolti erano miseri, eppure il re poteva imbastire un intero banchetto.
Il sovrano parlava amabilmente con tutti i commensali, meno che con Aleski, il quale non ci fece troppo caso, anzi fu felice di non dover sostenere una conversazione regale. Ma proprio mentre stava addentando una coscia di pollo, sentì il suo nome pronunciato a gran voce:
-Aleski! Mi hanno parlato a lungo di questo visitatore. Ebbene i suoi ammiratori sono ben più loquaci di lui!
-Non volevo disturbare la sua cena, sire. O sua maestà. O come vi chiamano tutti, insomma.
-Sei proprio un impertinente tu!
-La timidezza si trasforma spesso in arroganza, re Lotr.- Intervenne Ollerus, lanciando un'occhiataccia ad Aleski.
-Non importa, non importa! Oggi è festa, e mi divertono le persone audaci! Ma ditemi, Aleski, è vero quello che si dice? Che venite da un altro mondo?
-Sì, il mondo reale.
-Un mondo dove i carri si muovono senza cavalli e le case grattano i cieli? Ben poco realistico, a mio parere.
-Vedo che Ollerus vi ha raccontato molto.
-Allora there is nothing you know.
-There 's always something to learn, is not it true?
-course, for example, someone could tell me how to go back.
-If I knew, I'd say the spot: I ruined the atmosphere! Have fun, and kick off an air of impatience!
-Your people are starving, you know? -
The king suddenly became grim and stood up. All were silent, Aleski shivered and drew back.
-Quest 'man, come from another world, has just accused me of neglecting my people
.- The silence was palpable.
-Well, I know very well that Caer Ydalir is exhausted. I know that popolo piange. Ma qui vi dico, signori, e ringrazio Lupus Aleski per avermi dato l'occasione di fare questo annuncio, che nel mio viaggio sono infine giunto al cospetto dei maggiori signori delle terre conosciute. Ci siamo riuniti in consiglio ed abbiamo deciso che la situazione non è più tollerabile. Presto, quando saremo pronti, daremo guerra all'Imperatore e riprenderemo le nostre terre.-
Il re tornò a sedersi, e non rivolse parola a nessuno. Con lo sguardo basso prese a mangiare con foga.
Dopo un attimo di smarrimento i violini riattaccarono timidamente il concertino, e il chiacchiericcio tornò a farsi sentire.
Aleski era ammutolito, così come Ollerus, che si guardava intorno smarrito.
The banquet lasted for a few hours, then the people were asked to leave the room, which slowly emptied. Re LotR restrained but kept some men who sat at her table. Darius Green and Gawain Ollerus were among them. Aleski stood up and bowed, ready to go home, but the king called to him raising a hand.
-Aleski, wish you .- He said I stayed.
Aleski nodded and sat back down.
valets waited until they take away the weight of a couple of drunks sleeping in LotR that King stood up and walked to the fireplace, where he rekindled the embers. Giving back to them said
-Have you heard all that I said
.- The present absent.
Gawain-Darius, you're the captain of my army. Tell me, are ready for war?
-My king, his troops are well trained, but are not ready for a campaign. When would you attack?
-ASAP. A month, maybe two. Aster Rodan, Farr Tennamen, Gioris Verso, I need you too .-
The other three men remained in the room looked at each other, then Farr Tennamen as big as a bull, he said,
-We my king? What can we do for you?
-You can take your horse and go faster tomorrow, in three different directions, and beat all Wavelands. Find the people of our nation that did not come with us to caer. And 'good and courageous people, I have heard that many people are gathered in compact groups, living as an outlaw, but if they are still loyal to their homeland will be happy to take back their land and fight on the side of their king.
will be done my re-.- said Farr. "But let me ask who are these voices, I never heard anything like it .-
-come to me .- He said Ollerus. Farr nodded and was silent.
-As for you, Ollerus, can you tell us how to evolve your mission? - Asked the King.
Gawain Ollerus Darius looked and said, "What mission? I thought you were born to hunt.
-Darius- rispose Ollerus, -Tu esci troppo poco dalla tua armatura! Se scendessi in paese qualche volta sentiresti storie incredibili sul mio conto. No, non esco solo per cacciare. Re Lotr mi ha dato una missione, onorandomi con questa responabilità già prima di partire per il suo viaggio. Sono più di cinque mesi che visito i villaggi degli orchi, ne studio i costumi, cerco di capire la loro cultura.
-A che scopo?- Chiese Gawain Darius.
-Scoprire un punto debole.-
-E l'hai trovato?- Incalzò re Lotr.
-Penso di sì. Gli orchi sono divisi in clan, ognuno con il suo capo. Molti clan sono in conflitto tra loro, ma per lo più c'è equilibrio. Però non sempre was this: hundreds of years ago the clans were united under one High King, and his memory is still alive among the orcs of today, especially among the clan leaders. I think if I could suggest the idea of \u200b\u200ba new High King of the balance between the orcs clan would break, making them weak and vulnerable.
-Magnificent! - Said the king. -Proceed with your plan.
-E 'already in progress, my king. Tomorrow
-share, and you will return when we need you here.
Ollerus bowed and sat back down. Instead Aleski stood up and said
-Why I am here, King LotR? -
The king turned and looked him in feet. Aleski kept his chin up and did not give to see her nervousness.
-You're here because maybe I have news for you. News that can affect us all. But I will not report it
.- From his chair, forgotten, rose Tokdai Marah, who with a sweep down his hood. All eyes were drawn to silver-haired elf, glinting in the candlelight. She wore shorts, but three symmetrical braids that fell along the left side of the head. His face was stern and square. The lips were thin, almost invisible. The nose was tight, seemed to cut through the air. Gray eyes peered surly and suspicious onlookers. He laid his hands from his long gnarled fingers on the table and said, his voice low and cavern-
The reason why your king is so eager to drive the orcs from these lands is one of Rome. Your kingdom is bordered by the Roman Empire to the north. We have a way of thinking that because of your unfortunate condition is the unconditional expansion of the Romans. The orcs, pressed, have folded here, rubandovi lands. The five sovereigns, including your King and I, on behalf of my father, decided that the advance of the empire must cease. Yours is a strategic location, it is necessary to having strong and ready when the time comes.
-And I got to do what? - Churches Aleski.
-L 'empire grew up in no time. It is said that the reason is due to the devices and strategies of another world. Yours Aleski.


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