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I7 Cores Rendering Xeon

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evening came. They left home and headed to the last gate of the city. The streets were silent and empty, apart from a few soldiers who lingered in the doorways of their huts, to exchange a few words or kind of brag about companies as big as fanciful. The quiet was interrupted from time to time by singing a drunken soldier rickety, returning from the tavern. Le sue canzoni oscene erano inframmezzate da presagi di sventura, ma una sventura lontana ed opaca, resa distante dalla birra.

Giunsero al cancello, preceduti da un gatto curioso. Aleski non era mai giunto fin lì durante le sue peregrinazioni annoiate e rimase attonito quando vide la maestosità dei battenti. Erano altissimi, costruiti con legno completamente intagliato in forme e figure mitologiche. Ovunque si volgesse lo sguardo esso veniva rapito dalla magnificenza della narrazione. In un angolo un drago veniva trafitto dalla lancia di un cavaliere. Raggi di sole si rifrangono sull'armatura dell'uomo, spruzzi di sangue sgorgavano dalla ferita del mostro, ricadevano a terra ed incenerivano tutto ciò che touched. A little further on the stream changed rotting in a stream no longer deadly, but fresh and joyful. The waters flowed into the woods rigogliante of life: deer, deer, goats and rabbits running around to get a crystal clear pool. A young nymph emerged from the pool and gently took his hands on the face of a young-looking ecstatic, eager for a kiss, too rash in its early age to realize that a satyr behind him watching him full of jealousy. And yet
scenes of country life, with farmers concentrated in their work, tense muscles and darting when lifting bales of hay, too intent on spinning scythes and harvest the grain to see that two youths had escaped their duty and had gone to repair the heat under the fronds of a large willow. Over the hill on which grew the tree was a battle, stop in the wood at the precise moment when the two armies clashed with each other. The swords of the two kings were the only opponents to cross, and would remain so forever, frozen in the promise of a violent war.
The higher the sight of Aleski could not go, but he seemed to tell a court in celebration, a fox hunting, ship in a storm and gymnastics trials.
the sides of the two doors, many more than three meters tall statues guarding the entrance, they were the figures of two men with bushy beards and garment down to the ground. The right one was holding a book in the hands, on which the cat had followed Ollerus Aleski and since there had been squatting after it reached with two swift strides, not worrying at all sullen and menacing gaze of the statue. The left hand holding a sword, but even if attitudes in the face was a mask of seriousness, his eyes seemed almost to smile and invite guests to enter.
Ollerus announced their presence loudly and after a few minutes a loud noise preceded the opening of the left wing. We parted enough to let the two men, who hastened to cross the portal with Ollerus ahead with its elegant, more armor beautiful, polished for the occasion. Aleski was grateful to Ollerus for having forced him to give up the comfortable black cloak who had come to love so much. The hunter had been away from home all morning, and on his return he brought with him new clothes for Aleski. They were light trousers and wide, a beautiful silver coat to be fixed at the waist with a leather belt and practical boots with reinforced sole. There was also a short coat, a light green cloth with gold embroidery describing graceful spirals.
-Get too .- The Ollerus said, handing him a blank that contained a knife sheath far more valuable. The blade was shining, perfectly sharp, and the letters that are engraved Aleski non riconobbe. L'elsa era formata da strisce di cuoio intrecciate, di colore blu e oro. Aleski non aveva parole per ringraziare il cacciatore.
-Era mio, un tempo. Forse ti aiuterà a sentirti meno fuori posto.-
Aleski aveva impungato il coltello, ne aveva saggiato il peso. Subito aveva sentito dentro di sè un senso di sicurezza che non aveva mai provato, e ne era rimasto spaventato. Quell'oggetto era stato creato per uccidere.
Ora, avvicinandosi al palazzo nel silenzio del cortile interno, rimise la mano sull'elsa nella speranza di ritrovare quella sensazione e di placare il suo cuore, che dall'ansia gli era salito in gola. La ruvidezza dell'elsa e la concretezza delle decorazioni lo calmarono un poco, but not enough. The yard was dark, filled with dried weeds and hedges. With difficulty recognizing the beauty that once made it a place of peace and tranquility. But there were other times, times when Caer Ydalir was not a refuge for displaced people, but a thriving town, with streets that greeted the merchants came from the sea that stretched exterminated a few miles south. Times when not serebbe to a knight a password to enter the building.
-Fridor .- Ollerus cried, and the doors were opened. So it was that Alex Wolf for the first time in his life he found himself walking the halls of a royal palace. Certainly it was not as if it was always envisioned as a child. There were long and wide halls con file di armature in bella mostra, né grandi vetrate ad illuminare alti soffitti. C'erano invece corridoi bassi e scuri, con poche fiaccole poste ad indicare il cammino. Tante piccole porte di legno si affacciavano lungo le pareti, ed ogni porta si apriva su una scala o su un nuovo corridoio del tutto identico a quello precedente. Un labirinto angusto e claustrofobico, adatto a difendere un re.
Ben presto Aleski perse l'orientamento. Fece per chiedere ad Ollerus se si erano persi, ma proprio in quel momento il cacciatore si fermò di fronte ad una porta un po' più grande delle altre, e l'aprì. Oltre la porta c'era una sala grande e spaziosa, con un bel soffitto dalla volta a botte. Al centro gorgogliava una fontana di and along the stone walls were placed several small benches, also of stone. But the real ornaments were the same walls, painted floor to ceiling.
Aleski was first attracted by their own time, painted with great skill so as to give the illusion of a blue summer sky with the sun in the center and puffy clouds moving away in concentric circles. It seemed so real that the young man waited a moment to go see a flock in flight.
-Aleski .- The daydream was interrupted by the voice of Ollerus.
-I have to leave for a while '. Bureaucracy.
-You stay here, or you'll lose. Soon reach other guests at the banquet, will not be alone for long.
-What does it mean?
-That's fine!
-I'll be back before the banquet. Anyway, sit at the same table.
-As your host?
As a guest of the king. See you later.
went out, leaving only Aleski and dazed. She sat on the benches, uncomfortable. He looked around with her hands clasped on the edge of the seat and feet together. He let out a whistle that echoed in the room, was terrified. A small handful on the bench. He stretched his legs, his arms. Since re-
. By the king. -Wow. A nervous laugh, then stood up, sat down again.
-Al diavolo!- Gridò al vuoto, per il gusto di sentire la sua voce amplificata nel silenzio totale. Più che un giovane uomo sembrava solo un ragazzino impaurito che si fa beffe di ciò che lo preoccupa, per poi vergognarsene.
-Al diavolo, dici. Avete strani modi di imprecare da dove vieni.
-Chi è?- Esclamò Aleski scattando immediatamente in piedi, senza riuscire a cammuffare lo spavento nell'intonazione.
-Ci siamo già conosciuti, io e lei.-
La voce veniva da dietro la fontana. Con passi malfermi Aleski prese a girarci intorno, desideroso di dare un volto alla voce, che per ora rimaneva una sagoma indistinta nelle ombre della sala.
-Due mesi ago, at the gate. Can not remember your savior, Lupus Aleski? -
Aleski finally could see the man and although his face was in shadow seemed to recognize him.
-Your name ... I think I remember it ... Darius ...
Gawain-Darius Green, to serve
.- A wood, a wagon, a gate, Ollerus fighting with the ogre. Aleski smiled.
-Two months ago, it gave me of her.
-Two months ago I did not trust.
-you trust the king, and I serve the king.
Aleski pondered this last sentence, then said
-Excuse me, I was scared.
"I have seen. But here we are safe .-
Gawain Darius was a man accustomed to command, decided that when a conversation was over, was over. So he returned to devote himself to his previous job as if nothing had happened. Was filling a pitcher at the fountain, then pour the water collected in small channels embedded in the floor, which branched out all over the room to create an intricate geometry.
Aleski watched fascinated the work of Darius Gawain. As the canals were filled the floor became more and more shiny, to the effect of the refraction of light the torches on the water.
Captain Green was concentrating on his work. She wore a silvery, lightweight and simple, with a band blue silk waist. The man in armor who had known the first time it seemed almost gone, had it not been for the scars on his face and a certain sparkle in his eyes that betrayed his dangerous nature.
Aleski returned to the bench and sat down to watch Darius Gawain, taking care that he would not notice, but the captain was a man trained to be constantly vigilant, and his efforts were completely unsuccessful.
-Please see the frescoes in the room, there are certainly more interesting .-
-Excuse me, I did not want. What do they mean?
-Li noted before asking questions .-
And Aleski said. Indeed at first merely to look those forms on the walls, the portraits of strangers. But slowly he realized what he was seeing: Were not those legions? Senators were not in a toga, capitals, columns, and those other temples? There were also leather-clad barbarians. And men who resembled Ollerus, with firm but harmonious features as many had seen in caer.
-The history of our people .- Gawain said Darius, who was flanked at Aleski so quietly that the young man was startled to hear his voice.
-Li-kept pointing to the figure of a man with a fur cloak, his face grim and tawny beard, there is the ancestor of our people. Daf Nivaria, lord of storms. He led the migration when the gods decided to punish us.
-What was done?
-This is not a story I like to tell.
-Excuse me, again.
Gawain Darius proceeded along the wall, looking at the figures with inscrutable eyes.
Nivaria Daf-led our people from Northern Ireland, which no longer exist, to this country, the country of the hills. On the wall
Aleski recognized the undulating territory in which he had lost little time before. The people of Nivaria, what he had mistaken for the Vikings, climbed along the cliffs, men and women in desperate search of a new home.
-Who are they? - Churches Aleski indicating that other people came running from the opposite side, dressed no doubt the Romans.
-They lived here before us. The Latins, the race of Romulus .-
Aleski felt short of breath. -And what do they do? - Had come to the central wall, where it was shown Daf Nivaria, high and wild, to shake hands with a Roman with the golden armor.
-Darius, who was then king of the Latins, he welcomed my people in the lurch, he gave us a house in Wavelands. An act of mercy, really smart. We had a place to stay, them a powerful ally .-
fact the rest of the walls was filled with battles fought with the two side by side in the general command.
-I wear my father's name Gawain, and that of the Latin King, Darius. Many people here have the names mixed caer, to commemorate the friendship between our peoples.
-Why does not the Romans around caer? I mean, Latin?
-relationships have changed.
-Another story not to tell?
-Not now, anyway. This is the room of the Origins. Here we speak only of topics pure, like water flowing in the channels of the floor .-
Darius Gawain's eyes darkened.
-I fear that too many sad stories feel too long, the banquet .-
Aleski would have liked to ask for more, but just then began to enter the first guests, and soon the hall was originally packed with people. Gawain Darius walked away and disappeared into the crowd.


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