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Journeying Beyond the threshold, as well as the world captured

Alessio awoke with the sunlight filtering through the blinds and was pounding on the eyes. All had sore muscles and a headache.
The house was silent. He got up and went
to the bathroom to take a shower. The hot water coming down all the nodes that had melted on his back and shoulders, making him feel good now, and taking away a bit 'of the torpor that led below the restless night. He found himself thinking about concrete and immediate problems, especially how to survive isolated from the world if they could not find a way out soon. He calculated that the exemption would be enough supplies for a month, eating three. They had to consume perishable foods quickly, while the water was not a problem since there were several boxes in the basement and the tap in the kitchen still had the air cleaner.
Sooner or later they would have to leave Romulus. Could always leave it locked in the cellar, but it certainly would not have forced immobility for another night. Shuddered at the thought. She wrapped
nell'accappatoio and wiped. He was much better.
He wanted to have breakfast and discuss the various problems with Claudio, so he went directly into the guest room to wake him.
The room was empty.
Alessio was dumbfounded. He went to knock on the second bathroom, but found no one there either. He tried in the kitchen, looked out the window and called, but nothing. In the rest of the house, no trace of Claudius.
ran to the cellar door growing agitated, but once he stopped on the stairs, seized by a doubt: what if Romulus was released during the night, and had hurt his friend? But it made no sense, because leaving him unharmed?
could not distress yourself with these questions, becoming so courageously broke into the basement, ready for anything. Romulus found still bound to the column, asleep, pale and visibly exhausted. He felt compassion, but now that was just the idea of \u200b\u200breleasing it was too risky. For the moment no.
He felt empty and his mind began to reject the situation. Returned to the kitchen as if nothing had happened, put a coffee on the fire and sat down to wait, pretending to himself that everything was normal. He was tired of strange events and mysteries. If Claudio was not at home, the hypothesis could only be two: either he had found a way out, or had passed through the gate. Since excluded that Claudius would go away by itself once found a way to get rid of this absurd trap, the most plausible hypothesis, and even more frightening, was that his friend had decided to take the path of the wood as he had suggested their prisoner. Besides Claudius had already demonstrated his recklessness crossing the gate the first time, and knew that he had always shown a taste for adventure.
"What did you, Claudio?" He thought disheartened Alessio.
The hum of coffee that was starting to get him back to reality. He stood up and raised his mocha from the stove, started to pour the contents into the cup, but his hand was trembling from nervousness and the hot drink is spilled on the arm. The burning sensation woke him from his numbness and let out a scream, could not tell if pain or anger. Immediately put the burn under water, took a towel, wet it and sadly began to pat his arm. He walked up and down the kitchen, his eyes fixed on the floor, concentrating on the pain of not thinking about problems that piled on his head. But passing by the window looked up and saw the gate open and the anger erupted as a red light in the head. He threw the towel on the floor and threw a punch at the wall. He was alone now. Claudio, his friend had left him alone in a situation that could not handle. Only one prisoner in the cellar, that if he could have freed the better of him too easily. And all because of stupid curiosity, he was sure.
Blinded by rage racing at breakneck speed down the hall, slammed the door, crossed the garden in a flash and without thinking twice crossed the gate.
-Where are you? - Desperate cry. -Where are you? Come back here! You can not leave me alone! - All the frustration was coming out through her screams turned to nothing, only because the trees were his audience unmoved. All around was silence.
shouted until her throat allow it. Finally exhausted and his voice breaking with grief slumped to the ground. And only then, when his fingers encountered soft grass, he knew where he was. He looked up, past the green leaves, and saw a clear sky and beautiful. The dew of the night made it just past the green leaves and the smell of the wood was strong and pungent. It felt good for a moment, at peace with the world, free in an open space without overwhelming the walls and the hedge limiting. But rationality prevailed and soon came back slowly in his limited Alessio garden, like a prisoner who Having tasted the sad hour of air enters in his prison.
The outburst was beneficial. Now he felt more calm and ready to face the situation. He said he first had to have a picture as complete as possible, and began to control the groove that had dug Romulus. Started from the left side of the gate, made the whole tour of the house and closed on the right side of that gate, making it an integral part of the circle.
He wondered what would happen if he tried to climb over the hedge of roses that separated the house from the road but the attempt went straight ahead, because he could not even reach it. In fact, as he tried to climb over the circle felt a sensation of heat that grew to be unbearable and was forced to withdraw. There was no way out except through the gate. But why is that? he wondered. I think I speak with Romulus, now that had passed away, but thought better so did not see the utility since the prisoner seemed to know less of them. Or maybe he pretended, who could tell.
The morning passed quickly between exploration and assumptions. In the afternoon he decided to search through the boxes a few books that might seem useful. The operation proved to be postponed so long and reading the next day. Before going to bed prepared dinner for himself and Romulus, who had not eaten for two days. When I tried led to salute
-Hi. All right below - said if nothing had happened, but while waiting anxiously to see if the theory of Claudius was right. Very well said ...-
-Romulus with a vein of sarcasm. -I see that you had a little 'courage. Where's the other?
-Funny, is the question that I came to get me.
-Oh. Let me see: he completed the work? Yes, you read it in the eye! He 's gone from there, right? You know, I have no idea what lies beyond the rim, right now. I've been away for a long time. Long, long time.
-none of your business. But I hope that your friend knows what he does, or could be in trouble .-
Alessio had already touched this subject in his thoughts. He was very concerned about his friend, who was now somewhere. He thought it would be better to look for him, but he was also convinced that venture into the woods without knowing anything was too hasty a move. Now you
-free, Romulus, so you can eat. For tonight I leave you still below, we will see tomorrow .-
slowly untied the ropes, ready to defend themselves. When Romulus had a free hand he took the plate that Alex had left him in the face and ate quietly.
-Good night .- The Alessio wished away. Romulus nodded her head.
As soon as Alexis was in the kitchen felt much better. Untie those strings had seemed an enormous task, especially for the tension and worry that gripped him. But he was raised primarily by guilt and ready to devote his only concern with Claudio, lost somewhere. He knew that he would not sleep well that night and that doubt would have tormented: he had to go find his friend? He did not know. He needed a distraction. He went to pick up a book and proceeded to go and read it in the room but as he walked down the aisle, watched by eyes painted on the panels along the walls, passed in front of a door that had avoided open by the death of his grandfather. He ran his hand on the handle thoughtful. He was not sure if he felt ready to go in there, but she took courage, and after pressing the light switch gently pushed the door and walked into the room.
A huge glass chandelier lit up the room in which his grandfather had spent most of the time. He called it "a men's room and Alex was only allowed in there. It must have a place to talk undisturbed, but of course it was never like that. The women of the house, in a clear majority, it is always introduced without worrying too much about the false complaints of his grandfather.
Alessio took off his shoes under my feet to enjoy the feeling of warmth and softness which gave him the mats that covered the floor, then lit the fire and remained staring at the fire for a while ', fascinated by the dance of the flames. He sat on the couch and opened the book, but before reading let your gaze sweep across the room. She was beautiful, as always. Beside him stood a cabinet. He knew that his grandfather kept us some alcohol, and not those poor. He did not know if it was left in a bottle, but I sure hope so. Reached over and opened the door holding my breath. Was not disappointed: neatly arranged like soldiers at attention were proudly displayed a dozen bottles of scotch, brandy and grappa. After a long deliberation he opted for a Ardbeg 1974. "It would take a glass," thought Alex, but then realized that under the shelf of bottles was a little drawer in which he found everything you need to enjoy the best spirits. He poured two fingers of whiskey into a glass and savored slowly, in short gulps. While the slightly smoky flavor dell'Ardbeg intoxicated with the smell of wood burning in the fireplace began to read the book I had chosen. It was "Ab Urbe seasoned" by Livy, and he spoke of the founding of Rome.
The legend of twins who were condemned to be born together, to share everything, including the right to found a city. Neither was willing to give this privilege to another, and both put the choice in the hands of fate. But it was never very good with them, and in fact played in two one last joke. While watching the sky in search of a sign, first sighted six vultures to Romulus and his people made him king on the Palatine hill. But soon after he saw Remo twelve vultures and his followers thought that the sign was evident, and made him king on the Aventine Hill. Romulus traced the furrow within which was to be built Rome, and Remus did the same for his city: Remora.
The story went on with the mockery of Remus at the expense of his brother. He stepped over the line in Rome, laughing and taunting her brother. It was for why Romulus killed him in cold blood. Alessio was crossed by a thrill.
went a little more 'to read while the level of whiskey was sinking slowly, but his eyelids were being heavy. He read the story with distraction after the death of Remus and stopped reading when he came to a small detail of the story that he did not remember, or the ascent to heaven of Romulus, who was abducted by the god Mars. He paused a bit 'on the phrase "R Ex
government' the city 'wisely, then one day, during a storm, he disappeared."
"Of course it's gone. E 'in my basement. "Had time to think about before falling asleep.
The following days were all very similar. She woke early and did research all day. There were few moments of leisure, not feeling at all in the mood for fun. There was a balloon on the porch, and sometimes playing to run it against the wall. Relations with Romulus were reduced to a minimum. Brought him food twice a day and sometimes exchanged a few words of circumstances. The evening had taken the habit of reading in front of the fireplace, mostly fiction books.
the ninth day of captivity in Romulus decided to release some air. The wrists tied behind her back and holding one end of the rope did walk in front of him. When they were in the garden Romulus repeatedly slammed his eyes, no longer accustomed to the sunlight, then looked at the circle that had sailed the first day and then stopped to watch the gate closed.
-My friend and go from there. You know where it leads? - Churches Alessio.
Romulus shook his head: No more-now .- He said he approached. If you were surprised to see the road disappear and appear in the forest, gave him to see.
Alessio said the man's shoulders to get up and after a deep sigh of falling under the weight of a great despair. -Let me free, please .- He said in a faint voice Romulus.
-If I let you go, tell me how to get out of here? - Churches Alessio.
-Ti I swear I do not know. The output you got overlooked, yet continue to ask the same thing. Your friend will already be safe now, you can not know where this wood door
.--It 's exactly why I do not trust. And I do not trust either of you. You begged me to let you go until you see what lies beyond the gate. Obviously you know something I do not want to say.
Romulus smiled. You're smart-.- said. -You see, I've been away from home for a long time. Prisoner, as now, but in a much better place ... binding, we can say. Then something happened, and I have been here. Yeah, here. Free from my prison, yet still at home. But I am a king, and I have the right to decide where to live. If I came here, there is a reason, so I did what I considered necessary: \u200b\u200bto settle down here, my re-found the city and start over. Beyond that gate I see a forest, as you see it, but I feel that this place is right for me. I feel that I am a stranger here, while there maybe I can find what I left. So I ask you, let me go my way and find your own, because I can not help .-
They looked into his eyes for a long time in silence. Alex was trying to figure out if the man was sincere or not. The story he told was fragmented, incomplete and too strange, but it was nine days had ceased to be amazed. He was now convinced that this was really Romulus, the first king of Rome.
Alex smiled. -I just hope that you are sincere, otherwise I will regret .- He said, then broke the strings. Go-Lo-urged-and good luck .-
Romulus to hold back. She thanked him, then opened the gate. The gate, stopped. He came back, took one application and it was like going to crash into a wall. We tried again with more strength, power made with legs and arms, crushed against a wall for nothing. Resisted a few moments, then was thrown back. It was lifted from the ground and thrown into the air, fell back in the backyard banging his head. Alex remembered the day when he tried to unite two very powerful magnets, but the same pole. He could not make them touch each other, plus the two magnets were rejected, finishing a distant other. What happened to Romulus was more or less the same thing.
Alessio ran to rescue the man who shook his head and groaned, lying in the grass.
-What happened? - Churches Alessio.
-I do not know ... I could not ...-
-There 's something strange here. Now I'll take you home e. ..-
His sentence was interrupted by a noise behind him. He turned and saw that the stone arch above the gate was beginning to crumble, and that the columns that held up were cracked. At the same time, the forest began to fade and disappear, but the road beyond the fence was the same.
Alessio panicked. He looked terrified Romulus, who shouted:
-Go! Run before you get trapped here! Everything is falling! - Alessio
not caught right away, then he thought he understood. The shock wave created by the impact between Romulus and what he had invested had also rejected the gate, and collapsed if the only way that connected the house of his grandfather to the outside world, the circle would break and they would be been isolated from everything and everyone.
It was not the time calculations, research and assumptions. Alessio ran with wings on his feet, with a few strides in front of the gate was crumbling, he hesitated and then close his eyes closed he dived forward. He landed on the dry leaves, which creaked under him. A stone hit him on the arm and the pain was so acute that it is not felt immediately. I just think a moment before was at his house, and the next was in the woods, with no possibility of going back. He was able to see the last pieces of the gate fall to the ground, leaving only debris. He had one last image of the house of his grandfather, the well-kept garden full of plants, of Romulus lying in the grass, with a horrified expression on his face. Then the last stone fell, the house was gone and Alex found himself alone with a pile of stones in a forest unknown.


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