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How Long Before You Can Tan After Waxing

The Return of Hunter

The huts of the settlement were arranged in concentric circles. Those who were at the outer margins were poor, no more than just skin mounted on poles. Small Orcs play in the dirt, women hanging laundry in the sun, watched a lot of old silent its passage. No obstacle Ollerus until he reached the first wooden buildings. The horse proceeded to step two when you met him stranded orcs wielding short swords ill-worked metal.
Over the past two months he had visited many such villages, and experience had taught him that show he paid more confident that the submission. Yet he knew that each tribe was different, and could not take anything for granted. He did not stop, but as far as attitudes could face a mask of toughness and control the trembling of the limbs, nothing could keep him from contracting the jaw hard enough to feel pain in the molars. He hoped with all his being that the orcs not knowing it. He went further, showing only partially for the perplexed looks of the armed men. This seems to decide what to do and one of two intimate:
Ollerus took the reins of the horse but did not turn. Giving them away he said, trying not to be menacing
-I'm going to meet your king.
The ogre who had remained silent burst into laughter. The other said, amused
-Oh! But good! And I must also announce maybe?
Ollerus spun his horse and he retraced his steps. He turned to what they had talked and decided that the two had to be as awake
-I think he is already waiting for me. Are Ollerus Rotanev. The ogre
frowned. He said something to the ear of his companion, who nodded. Then, as if the conversation had never taken place, the two went back to wherever they came.
Ollerus smiled. By now he had become accustomed to that reaction. He had been much impressed by the attitude of the old Ufthak, to feel that his name was not minimally displaced. They had traveled for months now that the lands occupied by orcs, visiting every camp, every small village. The rumors ran through the tribe and a man who is accepted for hearing by the warrior kings had a juicy news. Everyone wondered what was going on under their unsuspecting eyes. As the morning mist that thickens and condenses more and more, the fear of an impending war between the orcs was growing.
Ollerus headed for the biggest hut, at the center of the village. The entrance, draped in fur bear was large enough to easily let an ogre riding. It was indeed the hut used in the meetings of the generals of the war, including the king was chosen. These meetings were held only on the back to their horses, as usual. Two ogres guarding the entrance. As soon as Ollerus was within earshot, she stopped her horse.
-Ollerus Rotanev and I wish to speak with your king.
Guards did not move, and Ollerus judged this a good sign. Dismounted and holding the reins, he crossed the entrance undisturbed. He knew now that he was not allowed to stay in the saddle. When he was recklessly entered in the 'Herren Krug, who was the name he gave the orc hut and could be translated as "war room", the first time he had done on horseback and had threatened to be killed on the spot. Only the value in battle gave him the privilege of speaking to the king of the saddle, everyone else had to suffer his gaze from the bottom of his stature. For now he had to make do.
nell'Herren Krug waited all afternoon. The war room was bare, there were no ornaments whatsoever except for a fireplace in the center off and drapes of skin that separated the main room from another smaller. Ollerus pulled back the curtains to look closely at the second stanza, and images that serve to house the slaves while they waited for the Lord is calling them to fill the mugs of warm beer. He also saw that there was another opening at the bottom of everything the same as the input. When
Ollerus thought the sun had gone out to seek food and a bit 'of water, but just then he saw projected on the walls of the tent the halo of four torches in the procession. Went round the hall, and shortly after the hangings of the room moved away. Four orcs with humble clothes nell'Herren Krug went with bowed head. That's what the back entrance Ollerus thought. Nimble and quiet four orcs lit a fire in the middle of the room and retreated to where they had arrived. Immediately after Ollerus heard the sound of heavy hooves.
And here he made his entry into the war room of the king. Ollerus could not hide the wonder, and ...
A stack of dishes fell to the ground and ruined the atmosphere that had arisen at the inn. From the kitchen Edda apologized to the group of people sitting in a circle around the old Caio.
-Do nothing, do nothing .- muttered the old man.
What surprised both
-Ollerus, Dick? - Churches a guy sitting on the floor.
-How? Ah yes, Ollerus said. Where I come from?
Al-king - someone else said.
-Right, the king and the wonder of our dear Ollerus! - Dick exclaimed, happy to have found the thread. But just then the door swung open and entered the inn a gust of cold air that shook the flames of the fireplace. The man who went unnoticed, he noticed someone distracted the cap wet and muddy boots, but only because bad weather is a bit worried about 'all, especially those who would later travel to face the storm to return home. While the newcomer went to the counter to ask a pitcher to warm the body and soul, Coruna, the baker, stood up and said to Dick:
-I admit that tell stories very well-so, but as you see the worst of times . I'm not going to share my health with a couple of nice stories. I greet you!
-Coruna, cover well, but be sure that my no nonsense! - Caio said.
-I spoke in person with Ollerus when he returned that evening last week. Unfortunately, it is immediately distributed the next morning, otherwise I would have invited you here to tell his story. But I am still referring to what I told him.
-law Ollerus thoughts orc now? The entire first part of your story for the protagonist had the old ogre!
-Well. A good storyteller must make the story interesting, at least a little '!
-You know what? I'm tired of this Ollerus are not talking about two months now and the other caer.
From a chair stood a young blacksmith's apprentice, and exclaimed:
-perhaps because it is so far the only one who took courage in hand and went to see with his own eyes because the monsters there driving out from our land, lousy of a miller.
-Enough! - He ordered Gaius. The apprentice sat down again, while repressing anger Coruna si calcò il cappello e guadagnò la porta. Prima di uscire si voltò di nuovo verso Caio e disse:
-Perchè la prossima volta non ti porti dietro Aleski? Hai paura che ti sbugiardi?
Dopo un'ultima occhiata minacciosa uscì.
Caio si rigirava tra le mani il bicchiere. Sentiva gli occhi di tutti su di lui, come se si aspettassero che smentisse le accuse.
-Certo, Aleski mi darebbe ragione se fosse qui, no?
L'apprendista del mugnaio sorrise:
-Ma certo! Lui vede Ollerus più di tutti, saprà di certo la verità!
Dal bancone l'uomo che era entrato poco prima si schiarì la voce e disse:
-Ollerus non mi dice molto più di quello che sapete tutti.
-Sì, sono io. Buonasera.- Disse l'uomo togliendosi il cappuccio ed alzando il boccale nella loro direzione.
-Allora Aleski? E' vero?- Chiese l'apprendista.
-Che Ollerus sta visitando tutti i villaggi orcheschi.
-Penso di sì.
-E che sta incontrando i re?
-Questo non lo so.
-E... la guerra?
-Non so neanche questo, mi dispiace.
-Ma vivi a casa sua!
-Proprio perché lui non c'è posso usare la sua casa. E se non c'è, non può dirmi cosa stia facendo, non trovi?
The apprentice was silent
disappointed. Aleski he was sorry, and hastened to reassure him:
-When he comes back to ask him what he's doing. Now if you do not mind, I finished my beer and I would go home, I am very tired.
Caio took the opportunity to get out of the mess:-I'll walk, Aleski, outside the weather is too severe to deal with it alone! Anyway, I must return to my lady, or send the grandchildren to drag me home!
The two went out together. The air outside was fresh and clean, a blessing after the suffocating smell of smoke that is breathed into the inn. But the rain pounded incessantly, penetrating to the bone. Caio Aleski and kicking the covers over his head and shook in their clothes as possible. The road in front of the inn was close and looked out upon a cliff, which is not uncommon for caer , which was built on a hill. Caio leaned on the railing and, heedless of the rain that was drenching his clothes, stood there in thought, staring from the roofs of the houses of poor neighborhood, twenty feet below.
-Caio, you better go. Begins to cool .- Aleski said.
Gaius sighed and answered, "Yes, you're right. Too bad that people are so skeptical, right? Once the stories captivated, they dream. Nobody asked me se era la verità, non importava. Era semplicemente bello ascoltare.
-Lo è ancora adesso, e tu sei bravo. Ma hanno paura. Da quanto vivete qui? Questa non è la vostra terra. Vorrebbero capire perché succede questo, ma non lo sanno. Forse non è il momento delle storie. Forse è il momento della verità.
-E Ollerus la sta portando. Ogni volta che fa ritorno dai suoi viaggi porta nuove informazioni. Ma quegli sciocchi non gli credono.
-Non ci pensare. Quando sarà il momento, crederanno. Ora incamminiamoci, vuoi?
Ma prima che Caio rispondesse, da una delle torri di guardia cominciò a rintoccare una campana. Il suono era attutito dalla pioggia, ma era inconfondibile.
-It 's the north tower .- Caio said, with wonder.
Aleski looked to his right and saw the tower. At the top of the torches shone and stood out the silhouettes of two men, one of which struck with a bat on a large bell.
-Look at that! - Exclaimed Dick, pointing with his finger towards the valley that lay below the caer.
Aleski first saw nothing, only grass and rain. Then he thought he saw a faint glow, a fire.
-E 'a torch? - He asked the old man. Aleski reported that light back to a time when it had not yet taken that name so exotic and strange, when the world was still the family. It reminded him of a beach, di notte, le vele delle imbarcazioni ormeggiate che fischiavano al vento ed in lontananza la luce intermittente di un peschereccio. Ma in questo mondo non esistevano pescherecci, soprattutto non esistevano luci intermittenti. Solo fuoco e fiaccole.
-Puoi scommetterci. E si avvicina molto velocemente! Un cavallo al galoppo, dico io. E se quello non è un cavaliere, che il cielo mi fulmini, può essere solo un fuoco fatuo!
-E quelli non esistono. Giusto?
-Chi può dirlo figliolo? Chi può dirlo.
Ormai il cavaliere si era avvicinato abbastanza da fugare i dubbi di Caio. Dalla torre di guardia uno dei due uomini si sporse oltre le merlature e diede fiato ad una squillante tromba, in segno di benvenuto. Dopo poco il cavaliere rispose facendo udire il suono cupo e forte di un corno da caccia.
-E' Ollerus!- Esclamò Caio. Ma il suo grido di gioia non fu udito: le trombe di tutte e nove le torri di Caer Ydalir stavano squillando in onore del Cacciatore.


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