Friday, August 20, 2010

How Can I Take The Phlegm Out Of My Babys Nose


I'm back with something new for all those who read me closely (I discovered that at least two are still there!). I added the titles of the chapters, I feel so much nicer, plus, you know ... Tolkien, which is good!
I know you do not want to scroll through the pages to read the titles, so as not to deprive you of this great joy I write them below:

1 - Circle
2 - Captured
3 - Beyond the threshold, beyond the world
4 - Fox Hunting
5 - On the Way
6 - A challenge
7 - Ydalir and deer
8 - The story of the Orcs
9 - riddles ogre fisherman
10 - The Return of Hunter
11 - Invitation to dinner
12 - The lesson of history
13 - An unexpected guest

If you have special tips no matter what comment ... I miss the comments! Not really, just ask, explanations, drawings, insights. I want to liven up this blog! Hint, hint ...


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