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Dixit Games Of Strategy Solution


Alessio awoke with a start. It was not a noise to wake him, but the silence. Throughout the night it rained incessantly and had thunder shook the air for a long time. The rhythmic patter of rain on the rock rocked to sleep every Alessio soporific.
When the rain stopped one morning was now pale and silent. The wet meadows glowed and gave off a strong smell of wet grass. Alessio in the cave trying to accustom the eyes to light, and stretch the sore muscles. The arm on which he rested his weight on the night before hurt him a lot. Ollerus was already up and was putting a bag over his shoulder.

-You woke up. It has stopped raining, so be quick, we must start .-
Alessio yawned and nodded with little conviction.
Once ready, the two emerged from the cave and prepared for the descent, but as soon as they set foot outside the shelter Ollerus seemed to see something through the trees and tense as a violin string. Alex stood on the spot without a word, by looking first to the hunter and then to the forest. Ollerus raised a finger to his mouth to intimacy and the silence came down on her knees gingerly, listening. They remained silent for several minutes until Alex did not ask in a whisper what was happening. Ollerus pointed to the trees around and in a faint voice said:
-Orc .-
Alessio pulled further back, frightened, to press back against the rock of the cave.
Ollerus also re-entered the cave and took his bag from his shoulders, then began to move the stones that were piled in a corner.
-five .- I said while working in a gallop. Sai-use the bow? -
-Not that I know .- Alessio said.
Ollerus had finished moving the stones, revealing a compartment in the rock. From inside the cavity took a bow and a dozen arrows.
-I keep here, Creative Commons, I am sometimes away for days for hunting .- He explained the hunter, seeing the expression on the face of Alex.
-You hand me the arrows, Aleski .-
-What do you do? - Churches Alessio.
-Not many, and we are in a position of advantage. Can I keep them at bay, and probably flee in search of reinforcements .- said this looked into his eyes:-Be prepared to run .-
Ollerus meanwhile had strung the bow and was out of the cave crawling. Once a position the hunter reached out and Alessio passed an arrow, which he positioned Ollerus. In a single, quick movement took aim, and threw the rope taut. With a hiss the arrow went straight for the trees. A strangled scream broke the stillness of the morning and again Ollerus outstretched hand. The second arrow was
Nock: an ogre emerged from the woods on horseback, alone. It was wrapped in a black cloak and his head was covered with a hood pulled down to the eyes, so it was impossible to see her face. It was the horse to step forward, calmly, and was not accompanied by anyone. Ollerus stood up and hissed Alessio alarmed:
-Get down! -
But the knight would not listen and went out into the open, waiting, the ogre, turning a look of defiance. Alex leaned in order to see what was happening.
When the ogre was at the foot of the hill took over the reins to stop the horse and looked up just for them. The hood is stretched on the forehead and chin morning light illuminated a furrowed by numerous scars and a thin and bloodless lips.
-Ollerus Rotanev .- scan the ogre with a mighty voice. -Go down, cowardly .-
Ollerus gritted his teeth. -I do not know your name, Orc .- He said the hunter, holding anger.
The ogre laughed. Ollerus-Rotanev, you need to know that I am the brother of Lorre
.--That name does not tell me anything .- Ollerus said after trying in his mind. The ogre
opened his cloak and pulled out a huge sword from his waist and planted in the ground that with the strength of one arm. -You killed my brother in cold blood yesterday. So not even know the name. You have not asked if he had family, what was his story. You men disgusts me .-
Ollerus closed his eyes. When he opened them, his expression was resigned but resolute.
avenge your brother-you, ogre? -
-I want to take what was not granted to my brother. The possibility of defeat in battle, or die with honor-Let .- .-
Alex urged him not to go, but Ollerus slowly descended the bank until he was face to face with the ogre, who dismounted and took off his cap, revealing a face consumed by battles. Many grooves made irregular grayish skin, one eye was half-closed by a long scar and teeth seemed consumed. The front was studded with bony areas such as those of his brother, but had prominent brow ridges and jagged. Two real horns sticking out the sides of the head as those of a bull, but they were broken a few inches from the base.
The ogre took off his coat, revealing a massive, powerful physique. Her back was slightly bent and shoulders very wide. She was dressed in leather and a collar bone was holding a finely crafted silver fibula.
The ogre's big hand closed on the handle of the sword and who tested the consistency before it is extracted from the earth. Ollerus drew his short sword from its sheath and prepared to attack. From the cave
Alessio was watching with growing anxiety. Ollerus if he lost he would be alone again in that unknown and dangerous world, but this was probably the least because the orcs would soon find it.
's thoughts were interrupted when the ogre Alessio, without notice, raised his arm, bringing his sword over his head, strengthens the impungatura with each other and struck a prodigious blow on the head of the hunter, but was quick in Ollerus dodge the sword to the side and sank back into the bare ground, turf and throwing around grass. Ollerus took advantage with a lightning movement of the arm hit the ogre in the shoulder, but the blade slipped away without sinking into the leathery skin, having only a scratch. The orc screamed, rolling himself up tried to sever the legs of the hunter, it took a leap away from the blade.
Just then a whistle cleft the air and rained a flaming arrow between the two contenders, then another and another. The ogre grunted in disgust and looked angrily at Ollerus, which, however, was more stunned him. Broke into the clearing vegetation from four horses in the race, and brought back so many knights armed to the teeth. They surrounded the ogre and pointed spears against their accounts. The ogre was looking around like a caged tiger and snorted with rage. What was supposed to be the leader of the riders took off his helmet plume from the long and intimate ogre not to move, otherwise he and the others who remained in the forest would die.
Alessio saw happen all too quickly, and did not understand what was happening. The ogre sword and threw it Ollerus stood up, went to tighten the arm of the knight in a friendly gesture. The two looked alike, had the same raven hair and the same size, but from a distance Alex could not see each other. At a sign from the other rider came out from the trees four armed men were escorting the orcs remained tied. The Knights handed the prisoners ogre with horns cut off, who remounted his horse and went away from where he had come, saying something to Ollerus from afar. The wonder of Alessio grew. It seemed to indicate that Ollerus confabulation with him as the leader of the knights, who nodded several times after he called her two subordinates. They listened to the orders, they turn their horses and spurred them to gallop to the south. Tired of waiting
oblivious to everything Alex stood up and almost ran down the slope. He was approaching the Knights when the captain turned and saw him.
-E 'him? - He asked in a voice surprisingly Ollerus harmonious.
Ollerus nodded.
-Welcome, Aleski .- He said the knight, holding out his hand to shake Alessio. -Apparently you do not have easy days past, but you'll see what time it will get better. They are Gawain Darius Green, captain of the legions in Caer Ydalir. I sent two of my men to retrieve a farm wagon to the old Garreth, half an hour from here. We escorted into caer .-
-Well, "said Alex shaking his hand-that's great! -.


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