Monday, May 31, 2010

554 Message Not Allowed

Garibardi look' n down

Ber e 'Beppe to' uer Nice
'he one of worlds 'I had only one, you
stioccònno to BBAD' 'na Piazza,
' nfra pigeons 'r sun' he beat her.

will, but it seemed ppiccìno
'h and you would be more' mpettìto,
'r the world perhaps more than you wanted,
ddi today,' me he seems to be fading.

gaze then risurta a bit 'down, and
' me an 'tell' er who by the sun, because
qquéllo 'is a ccambiato.

must be 'ccórpa of' uer That Shakes vvédi,
appett'a qquér that cc'èra to PPIS
'Vando stioccònno you there,' n feet.

perhaps thinking back to all upon this work
Penate 'nsieme to' very much.
Pe 'ffa' is 'the ssième gènt'itàlïe,
n'hai due ago,' Go, with sparks!

then 'r time ppassato daughters, but
SIEI been there, all' his year,
sur stand arranged, always dressed
de 'you clothes. Have you seen

ll'Italia turn,
sott'all'òcchi slowly drop as
'has ccava' stones, give
all'aróprano gig.

Maybe 'is a good Viens, as
ttél'èri' magine. Honestly
today is 'onviène,
' he shattered all daughters.

Seóndo SIEI propio me dejected, and
penzièro're mulling ':
"If qquest'è' r s result,
" but that does tbsp mel'ha '! "


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