Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Letters With Circles Around Them

Ar hut Ir

Ner verde der Monte Pisano
sur versante di Vïopisano
c’è ‘na ‘asina in muratura
fatta pe’ godessi la frescura.

Bisogna ringrazzia’ ir-uncle, Uncle Dad
or ir,
ave to 'll'intuizione
had to do' this beautiful 'obstruction. Immersed in the olive

ch 'in' pine signs tickle 'branches,
Solicchiata basks ar' r hut,
the face of 'uelli' h are down below.

Por happen '' na storm, war or famine,
lean times and moonlight, but
'is certainly a heresy
of' They kissed for luck.

Pote 'passes du' hours away to give the world, winning more
var 'ar lottery. Everything seems they
'giòondo most, if chains are ar
sïuro, here ar ... hut!


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