Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Where To Get Horderves

First problem: taking a dog

Adopt a dog ....
take, if a dog is not an easy thing, you must have patience, passion and above all, the dog in the passage of time has become a cornerstone of our lives, and the first time that we must be aware to never leave and treating it in every moment of his life
anke A dog can live 20 years from the first day and we have to know that for all the 20 years we have to take care of him.

Sometimes there are people who take dogs maybe just to make their children happy, and after a certain period send them away, this is something totally wrong because the dog has feelings like us and every day that passes is affezziona their master ...
these animals are not asking for nothing but love! If well cared for will grow more in the mentality of serve and worship them ...


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