Thursday, April 17, 2008

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Tours Lourdes

A vacancy may also be a religious one ... It happens to many to visit in the course of their lives, places of pilgrimage related to our Catholic religion.
for a Catholic to the place in life should visit at least once is Lourdes, Santiago de Compostela and Fatima.
Lourdes, a French of 15,203 inhabitants located in the department of Hautes-Pyrenees region of Midi-pirenei.Attraversato by the river Gave de Pau, is part of the territory Occitan. In particular, the municipality is located in the linguistic Gascon dialect, a variant of Occitan. In the Middle Ages was a fortified town of Lourdes in Bigorre region. The castle dates back to XIV century and was rebuilt in XVI. The city was ceded to England - as required by the Treaty of Bretigny-in 1360 (will be returned only after il1406). Located in the middle of an intersection of valleys, Lourdes was inhabited, however - as you know - since the legend preistoriaSecondo owes its name - and his coat of arms (an eagle with a trout in its beak silver) - a fact that would happen at the time of the reign of Charles Magno.Un Saracen named Mirat had conquered the city in trincerandovisi. Charlemagne, a veteran of the English campaign, just after the Battle of Roncesvalles, besieged it with his esercito.A this point comes into play as the legend wants huge eagle had been seen by the besieged and flying with a trout in its beak. The bird would have made a gift of trout to the same siege that made it reach a part of the emperor as a sign of their resistenza.Carlo Great, including the difficulty of the conquest, would propose at this point in Mirat an agreement: the possession of the city against 'acceptance to go to the Virgin (in the sense of renouncing Islam convert to Catholicism). Mirat - according to legend - laid aside his arms at the foot of the Black Virgin of Puy being baptized with the name of Lorus, which will then be made to derive the name of Lourdes. Since 1858 the town of Lourdes has become world famous as a result of reported Marian apparitions from a young peasant Bernaredette Soubirous.


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