Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Printing Invitation Lohri Cards

the window in the car and the rain

the distorted guitar and the drums are the masters of
a song for the dead
glass roof of a car in any row
I am in my square foot with its wheels

and 'as and when' on Friday and leave from work and
'like when you wake up in the sea after hours of hot
and there' the stillness of the sunset and
'like when you wake up on the first day that you place in

choice of holidays and 'how in the early morning of Sunday
you hear only the sound of leaves moved by the wind

and' the first day of spring in Rome view from the highway

there 'as a pause between all drivers in a row
stress away via the fast path thoughts

only roofs and sun

and 'just a moment will come back tomorrow' business as usual

but 'the moment.


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