Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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The most popular destinations

Summer is coming and with the first warm days come the lists of resorts and beaches of the Italian and foreign most beautiful setting, and instead recommended in spite of ones to avoid.
Holidays at sea are the most popular but do not neglect those who love the mountain and sports activities.
Without a shadow of doubt in recent years, Italians choose as a destination Italian Sardinia, followed by Tuscany and Sicily. Without underestimating Rimini and Riccione that are overcrowded each year because they have the comfort and facilities that the boys are looking for. The most sought after destination however, remains to Sardinia: the great sea of \u200b\u200bthis island is among the most beautiful and transparent that you can see in the world, the Costa Smeralda La Maddalena archipelago are fixed venues of national and international VIPs. Sure Sardinia is not only sea for VIPs, but is open to everyone with its holiday villages scattered in every region it seems.
With regard to travel the globe is a treasure trove of places to visit, for which there have plenty to choose. In some periods have been preferred to other destinations and then abandoned when these places, before the reputation of unspoiled places, then became mass phenomena holiday. Among the international seaside destinations what appear to be the most popular are the Maldives, Malaysia, Sharm El Sheikh, Djerba, Canary Islands in Africa, the Dominican Republic, Miami Beach, Jamaica in America and finally to Australia and Polynesia.
Among foreign destinations scheduled destinations in Europe stand out bathing and cultural Spain, the Balearic Islands with more than 800 000 tourists ready to move, and Greece with about 700 000 people leaving. Only France and the third, compared to the primacy of the winter holidays, in third place among the favorite destinations for summer.
For short trips, the capitals of Europe remain the top destinations: so you choose to visit cities like Paris, Vienna, Prague, Madrid and Berlin. Goals made all the more "comfortable" by the single currency.
These are the goals to be considered popular vacancy: they are scattered all over the world, with the advantage of being able to choose to go where you want but with the knowledge that wherever you travel it will be an unforgettable experience.


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