Thursday, April 17, 2008

Green Poo When On Iron Tablets

Games for the dog

Pets are our friends, a dog but a cat or other species can give us gratification, companionship and satisfaction. Almost always, we welcome them home and small breed them and, just as with children, spend time with them and play with them is a very important component to their growth. interacting with them through fun activities we can raise them and teach them a lot, but unfortunately also send wrong messages in the same way that may mislead the character and habits such as making or unjustifiably inubbidienti aggressive.

especially for puppies fighting is an effective learning system. The fight is a game, a fun, but also an ancestral innate instinct of survival which are predisposed from birth. You can "fight" with your friend but still no abuse of your physical strength and intelligence. Strive to his level without obviously hurt him accidentally and remaining vigilant to prevent it from causing damage to itself (self-restraint of the animals is very different in puppies and virtually non-existent) but above all with very precise rules to be respected and so ironclad:
(1) stop now the game unless it complies with the rules or if you uncontrollably excited;
(2) always avoid using the nose as a target especially with all the species that primarily use your mouth and bite to attack and defend: it is necessary to establish that the fight with you is a nice game that is not to anything to do with fights with other animals that they always aim at the nose, eyes and ears;
(3) reward him by continuing to play when it respects the "rules", punish interrupting the game when the viola.
In this way you will make your puppy understand that there are rules to follow and encourage obedience without coercion or punishment.

contentious items, preferably medium-large, is a great stimulus to the animal is induced to use without endangering his own strength, so harmless venting his aggression and is measured (succumbing) to the owner.
Again, the game must be stopped immediately if the animal breaks the rules or it becomes too aggressive or tries to bite, and resumed after a break if our partner demonstrates that he understood his mistake.

one of the games most often remains for pets catching objects. But this is a game to be used very carefully because it is perhaps potentially more dangerous. The danger is twofold in the first place is likely to instigate the animal to capture everything that moves condition that can lead to the emergence aggressive behavior even against people as harmless and unprepared pedestrians and children playing with each running in second place and brought the animal to think that the object captured "in flight" has become his property, that constitutes a prey hunted to eat or otherwise destroy, but in any case to defend against any and all aggression against raising anyone (including master) will attempt to recover just to continue the game.
The rules in these cases are: (1) not used to throw the animal against moving objects but try to get used to the recovery of an object thrown, making it move only after the object (eg classical branch) is grounding and rewarding the dog for a long time that it completes the recovery and we shall return;
(2) Never use edible items for games and launch recovery or shaped objects like food (eg bones, rubber or leather) or subject to "ownership" of the animal because the concept of exclusive ownership makes it more difficult to carry you;
(3) used even more different objects and of no value to center the attention on the operation of recovery and not the object itself.


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