Friday, April 18, 2008

First Time Brazillian

Ends up in the courts for kidnapping the dog.

carried away a dog that was particularly fond of the community for drug addicts "The Seagull" Olgiasca Colico. For this reason, Mirella R., woman former host of the structure is over this morning before the Court of Lecco and could face from 3 to 10 years in prison. To testify in court about the particular story Chiara M., one of the teachers are still in service, of the center. It was 25 February 2007, told the court Massimiliano Magliacane and PM Paul Del Grosso, `when the defendant presented himself at the center, pretending to pick up some personal effects left at the facility. The woman was in fact a few weeks ago expelled from the community recovery, as it did not follow the rules imposed by internal management, such as respect for the furniture and the operating staff. Mirella R. there would arise again, and without authorization, and once picked up some personal effects, would be directed to the car `that` s had, accompanied with two friends inside. `The defendant would, however, deliberately made to follow the labrador owned by the center, Toto, who was particularly close during the days of hospitalization, so as to make it go up in the car with the intention of taking him away. The witness noted, however, would move the woman, on notice to get out of car ownership as Toto in the center. The refusal of Mirella, "I do not give anything," he said, Claire would have tried to open the door, but was repeatedly insulted and hit by the same door of the car before giving up. Following the complaint the police had later recovered the dog, which has become the domain of the community following the tragic accident happened to another guest of the structure, whose family, after his death, he asked to hold. At the scene of the abduction of Labrador would have seen a second witness ready to testify at the next hearing, scheduled for September 19, 2008, at 9.


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