Tuesday, April 8, 2008

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abandoned dogs

is approaching the summer holidays approaching, but our friends turn away any dogs ... years during the summer months is increasing more and more the percentage of abandoned animals, many puppies that we see the edges of highways with fear in the soul and the tail down, looking scared and not knowing what is the reason that they has brought them ...
The cruelties that are forced to endure is enormous, once got a puppy in the house is used to full attention ... especially to sleep in the heat, it will be tough to survive out there ....
quote here a wonderful letter ...


Hello everyone, my name Dikie are a mixed white and beige, I
have about 3 years according to what my master says ..... my
master? it's nice to my dad, a tall man high, is married to my
mistress, a beautiful woman too, have two children, Julia and Mark, God
as I enjoy them ....

spend their days playing, I bring him the ball and they throw me the
, they run after them and I
.... I especially like the morning, when I lift the covers to Anzar
them to go to school and during dinners and lunches, that when my wife is baking
things they do not like me to pass under the
table, and I listen carefully to ensure that you do not see anything ..... and then
the thousand times they fall asleep stroking the hair, the most beautiful thing
that a dog could want ...
but also with my 2 bosses I'm okay .... so, when we go around
'm very careful that he does not nothing happens, nobody can harm him and
obey their every order. .. Go to the, go here, bring me this,
not do that, to do that ... me is an honor to serve them and ensure that they are well .....

but now .... now I know where they are finished. This morning there was great confusion in
house, a thousand cases, "did you get that?", "you have turned off the gas
?" I heard phrases like ..

then everyone in the car .... wow that's great, we're off! I love going out, knowing
new places ... new experiences with my bosses and my two
friends, Julia and Mark ... I was beside myself with joy, I got in the car behind
as I usually do not soil the machine
scondinzolante all at some point when my boss leaves
autogrill my lady with two children, he leaves in the car with me until
a wasteland where he gets me out ...... .
I go down very glad, finally I pee and play with a bit
with him, I think, just go down and my boss pulled me a stick ..... I run
stronger as I can, I want to impress, I want to show him how I like
play with him, and still run, as fast as I can to beat my record
and to feel proud of my master me, so
can think how good I am ....

grabbed it, I am proud about, but he left the car, I feel a
scoured, and goes away .... I run the below, WAITING, you forgot to
ME! but nothing he does not seem to hear, turns and looks at me, saw me.
right now .... but nothing will stop, he turns around and goes away, you know I'm here,
but because it does not make me go with him? I've done wrong? the stick I got
Dad, I ran as hard as I could .... maybe I was too slow?
I want to punish? I do not I understand .... loosen the grip, the stick falls out of me
mouth, scondinzolare becomes increasingly slow .... as I sit and watch you
away. but come back, I went to take six dico.forse
children and mistress, but now will return ......
many hours have passed since then master. I saw down in the evening,
night and then in the morning ... then the heat of the afternoon and still
night and other nights and other morning ... but what does it take to go dad?

I'm hungry, I thirst, heat meters has made it weaker and the coolness of the night not
I can stand it without my cover .... vague
hours trying to find you, but no trace of you ... Dad, where are you finished? why do not
back? What have I done? I think that while I collapsed on the floor, too many hours
walk me tired, my stomach does not touch food too
time, my mouth feels no water ... who knows what they are injured, a
more sociable dog bit me, I lose blood .... where are you
master? "Find me, to help, I no longer have the strength to get up ... I so want to run
meeting, play again with you and the children of
serve you a thousand times ... still together, watching TV, when I
protected from those criminals, when I wake your kids
the morning when I I caress and pull the tail to make them happy ...
when I listen to your commands for you to boast before
friends ... "sit", "lying", "z. .. but why do not you come back?

this as I think I feel even more sluggish, the forces ... I miss the
eyelids get really heavy, I can not remain awake, the
breathing becomes labored, gasp ... I see all fogged up, I do not see
almost nothing, now I finally understand ... I'm dying. oh no, as a beacon
now seek to get back to you? as a lighthouse without you master, without
without your wife and your children? PERDONAMI.perdonami if I'm dying, if nn
may return, if not longer be at your side, if I can no longer protect
, play with you and serve you as you liked ... PERDONATEMI.ma
I feel my strength leaving .... I love you ... I love
more ... I will never forget ......


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