Monday, December 17, 2007

Cute Quotes For 3rd Birthday

Ir I 'Angelo amio

(Dedicato all'amico Angelo Perini per il suo 50° compleanno)

Son nato marfidato, lo so …
e ‘un ci posso fa’ much: I
diffïortà to doventa 'amio of' uarcuno,
and I'm on my 'me a lass'anda'.

Says' r said fidàssi is good, but 'a fidàssi
is better ... and I' to redo 'and said ...' I trust a!

everything went smooth as ll'olio, I ner 'trantramme of life,
fin'ar day' n I see where you sbua 'this little' bit of eqquì element, which
'n du' ballets will tailor all stakes and you doventa amio, from one ar tomorrow ... but god ... overnight to today!

Now I ask myself and God, on 'ma' and pa ', noo chee day quer ... ... (and we' Apita), but what he had eaten, then I went for 'a catapurta' on the world scene a boy as luilì??

bbene that a pole must be born 'sympathy, a generous, an arthro artruista quell'artro heart and genius of the artist, but all the' AIN vadino to finish 'acquired influence to the same person ... is the stuff of' belief '! !

Co 'Angelo cinqu'anni is that there is' onosce doventati and now we are friends. And if one believes a bit 'anc'ar destiny, sïuro' a trend could 'otherwise! Fifty

"Round Round" Straddle, dear Angel, sprèndida this evening, and the one I 'sorry you know' ual'è? D'ESSEMME lost ... the whole first episode!


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