Friday, December 14, 2007

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Angel Nativity der

(Dedicated to his friend Angelo Perini for his 50th birthday)
People of Pisa, called in a loud
ad 'r great event.
Quar it's the way,
and quartz that is the cake,
'nviamo to celebrate' ... a great talent.

named Angelo and yet in fact, here it is
ch'arriva, master of the scene.
E 'of an approval of sïuro grand'impatto:
directly to us ... from San Giovanni alla Vena!

Capable of look a crib in each log,
of scrivetti 'rhyme yet' r Our Father, son
sïuro that had crippled yet,
c'avrei had listesso by spendecci ink.

Ir type is exquisitely
and stature,
trattelo ammodino,
up and admire the 'skill.

Ir der fourteen months
you 'WIPO fifty
will drink more ir crib:
by oh ... ll’aguri bisogna fànni !!!


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