Monday, October 1, 2007

Tamil Kavithaigal For Marriage Invitation

A punch in the eye

urtimamente Passing on the river bank, if one be
me hath been laid ll'occhio palace.
people, I equally tir'a fate:
Darton, or are, or are doventato crazy. Anco

to 'make a volecci' CCAS,
anch'a chains' low-llo look.
It 's a no way to turn' 'r nose
tuberculosis com'un dart sticks in the eye.

front'all'Ussero More or less, but
Dilà d'Arno, for capìcci;
tel'hanno painted in full, they did
sïuro pe 'stupìcci.

Now rained a par arthro world
up with quer '' olor by frùfrù, with all
ll'artre 'ase in the background:
... or' a tel'hanno done everything bru! But I

domand'e god
(and I'm holding pulls give 'a square), I
yet to taste a bit' stale, but
propio 'was painted dare ...?


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