Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Remove Semen From Wood

The Fiatti

Oramai ci siamo.
Dopo tant’anni ‘he lo dìano, è ‘rivato ir momento fatidïo.
Oggi pomeriggio buttano giù la Fìatte a Marina.
Quarche carïa d’esprosivo e … bùmme !!!

D’artronde der mitïo stabilimento dietro all’obelisco a Boccadarno,
c’era rimasto solo l’esoscheletro. Stava li ar su’ posto da tant’anni,
com' un granchio morto, rinsecchito dar sole e sporpato da’ moscìni.

Mi pa’ c’ha lavorato tant’anni come “chimïo” e, colla famiglia,
has run for five years lived in Marina, ber ner half of the year '70. Many
rïordi me which has the 'pa' of that year, acquired influence in the past this' 'apannoni
co' roofs zighezzàghe; rïordi I've got that too, racked by 'tell me that newspapers pa' made us der on 'work, at dinner in the evening.
Son 'rowth co' stories to the press, the galvanization, electrophoresis, der "testing purposes and for 'der mitïo those with" cleaner ".

Ir purifier deserves a separate discussion. I
pa 'has always been sensitive to the "question environment "as they say today, pollution, as it was in the 70s. Supervisor giòoforza all ir ICRC industrial plant, as "head of the laboratory" (CISI was ... there was some laughter artr '' in the lab !!!), and he tried his hand in that enterprise, for Unia partners' gender and that, with a lace of family pride, we can of 'who did ir on' scarpore nice, albeit small industrial partners. Consisted in the realization of the idea of \u200b\u200bme 'pa', is of 'a sewage treatment plant, in order to get' takes on 'ir on' 'TASKS di depura’, sfruttasse quelle stesse sostanze di scarto prodotte in fabbrïa: un vero e proprio auto-depuratore. Tanto fece e tanto ci studiò che alla fine ci riuscì.

Oggi pomeriggio si porverizzerà ir cemento de’ ‘apannoni, ma que’ rïòrdi e mille artri, racchiusi nelle menti delle migliaia di persone che hanno vissuto la “Fìatte a Marina” o che sempricemente hanno vissuto “Marina a’ tempi della Fìatte”, quelli no, non svaniranno.

Ir mondo va avanti ed è inevitabile che tutto passi e poi sparisca.

Oggi pomeriggio dice ‘he ci saranno ‘n tanti a Marina per vede’ la demolizione esprosiva, ma artrettanti will see a 'sky give bang quer. Siùro Son, I feel that between yesterday and tonight, in the midst of this' 'apannoni much blood has been found: those shirts and those with the heart of' green suit sconsumata. Rung yet the siren will mark 'the beginning and end of shift. A river of workers and employment will be stamped and will have taken over ir ir label of 'old job at the factory. Pure ll'anime de 'urtima machines have made their day: the' Athens of assembly, lubricate well with all of 'hooks you will still move. The presses avran pressed and at the end ... even ir purifier me 'pa' will have worked well. Then all at home.


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