Friday, September 28, 2007

What Happens When You Faint Eyes Open

Ir mullet and eel

C’èra ‘na vòrta, tanto tempo fa, Mugginetto che, come dice ir nome era propio un mugginetto e stava di ‘asa a Boccadarno.
Era fortunato e lo sapeva. Su’ pa’ gniel’aveva detto, sin da quand’era pöo più grande d’un crognolo, che ‘un Pote was all 'live' in a place der general. Every day, as a child, went together to make '' na Giratina fin 'in Marina ... fond'a Guaso in Tirrenia. Wallowed near the rocks in groups of a dozen, all beautiful in training: the biggest planes in front of 'the way, and' little ones behind to ride 'and kids'. But he Mugginetto, 'we want is a' never behind; wanted is' always on next to 'pa', "because before we can see better," she always said. Vorta a week, however, if 'r time permits (ie if' one was full) went to Pisa, going the 'Orrente Arno. On 'pa', before leaving, 's'arraccomandava always: "Now you go to Pisa. See fa 'ammodino the street. Okay joy ', but do not overdo it'. If not then you hear the 'but' when you return. "
But what you want ... you have to advise you! Nisba ... 'a Fassi was no way to' doth hear, 'How' nviavano to climb 'the mouth, each' a dare doventava giöo and time du 'menuti, the mugginini c'avevano Gaggetta all the chainsaw. Now you

sape 'one of' greatest amusement de 'mugginini is to joy 'hide and seek. Ir giöo resembles that of 'children of the people, only that everything is under water: one of' mugginini you put next to a rock, as the first accost'ar That have taken a lead from fishing, the fishermen who use Hill 'anne throwing. Gradually they lose quarcuno and 'mugginini compete those who find more. Mugginetto c'aveva the 'ollection of weights, sinkers and sugherini. On 'pa' hooks and keepers collected. The kept in a locked cupboard and had been calls for 'a special permit for chains' in the house that perïolosa stuff.

for joy 'hide and seek, a mugginino you put my heart into the rock face, for a 'see' where you go to rimpiatta 'quell'artri and' nvia to count 'fin'a ten. Ten just because mullets are quick to hid. Ner while the 'shame, you'd see' the water Pó 'bit seems to work ...' he ribolla! A
Vorta 'rivato to ten, tells arta heading "Who is there, who' is one he does!" And then begins to look ', in that water suddenly returned carma, to see 'of SGAM' where the s'ènno rimpiattati on 'Friends. When he sees one, known to all drone fin'ar lead and cries Lead Gozzetti "or" Lead Pinna "... 'nzomma" lead "and then name of the person sgam ir. Ir first they 'sealed, then tap counts ni' ar giöo after him. Of 'hidden uelli if quarcuno able to' bank 'ar lead and shouting' Lead 'without being' the first "lead", then that is sïuro double 'has touched a ach' to him. All those sealed, they are expected to 'ir giöo that end, to pote' rïomincia '. If you have been sealed yet, 'one is called the urtima my word! The urtimo, that 'a was still sealed, and that is yet to sgam 'from behind a rock quarche, Pole undo' all the previous seals, if he can make 'Lead liberatutti "without them' sealed. Known as' seems to dare to put an 'hard, but' nvece giöo is a fun and easy.
Ir was like all our Mugginetto quell'artri mugginetti, only that he had the good fortune of being 'of' asa Boccadarno propane and then, in du 'ballets could trend' in the sea or Arno ... like a '!

ECC 'Twas all nvece more sophisticated. Their 'one born in my Boccadarno! No, their birth partners "Mar de’ Sargassi” e, per veni’ a Pisa, sguazzano nell’Oceano. Prima di parti’ le loro mamme ni spiegano ammodino la strada per veni’ a Pisa armeno du’ o trecento vòrte. Gliela fanno ‘mpara’ a memoria. Puppano e ‘mparano la via per Pisa: ‘un fanno artro, dalla mattina alla sera.
E ‘nfatti poi a Pisa c’arrivano a occhi chiusi, ma mïa per modo di di’ … arrivano tutte in gruppo a pelo d’acqua, sculettanti ti farei vede’, cor nasino all’insù e coll’occhi chiusi, per fa’ vede’ che loro hanno studiato, … mïa come i muggini !
Alle cèe, poi si sa, ni garba giöa’ a “Moscacèa”, mïa a nascondino !
Ci stanno a ore 'ntere. Una cèa viene bendata con un filino d’arga; tutte quell’artre ni girano ‘ntorno (a vedélle sembrano una palla di cèe) e lei deve riusci’ a toccànne una ‘olla ‘oda. Se ce la fa, quella toccata viene bendata e poi tocca a lei a sta’ ner mèzzo.

E fin’a qui nulla di strano: i muggini da ‘na parte e le cèe da quell’artra.
Quelli a rufola’ ir muso nella rena e quell’artre a lisciassi da tutte le parti.

Ma quello che successe ar nostro Mugginetto fu quarcosa che rimase nella storia di Boccadarno.
Ancora oggi quarche vecchio Mullet tells about the 'nepotini and everyone to feel they are' gasping with his eyes wide open. Anco double 'h ir story is over, so he to remain in quer quarche menuto. It would happen anch'a Vedella you to 'dare, right?

Now I will tell it too 'to you, but then m'arraccomando' around in a INDATA 'oll'occhi wide open and mouth open, okay?

All 'tarting ir a night when we was about to Mugginetto Mettes to bed.
The dialog 'will love gave her the Arno, at the mouth.
Before reaching under to 'lenzoli was usually throws' eyes holes un'urtima the window to see if the 'Orrente was slow, if the area was' ncrespata, or if ll'acqua had muddied. He tried to 'bee' as would have been ir day. That night he had 'ntuìto was going to get' full of Arno 'uelle estrastrònghe. On 'pa' had closed the door of 'ASA du' mandate, and 'n c'aveva appuntellato yet more' na chair. Then he had none since the Bonanotte, trying to show ir quiet as possible, but quer old mullet was like an open book to our Mugginetto ir, which could head 'ir on' state of mind yet sortanto give movement pinne. La tenzione era parpabile quella sera a casa Muggini. Ir nostr’amïo s’era messo nel letto ‘olle ‘operte tirate su fino ‘n cima. Aveva lassato solo un bùo per guarda’ con un’occhio la finestra.
Pian piano ir sonno stava avedo la meglio sur timore e la parpebra ‘ominciava a fassi pesante. S’abbassava piano piano e, quando ‘rivava ‘n fondo, si riazava di ‘orpo. Fra pòo si sarebbe addormentato. D’un tratto l’occhio rimase spalancato a fissa’ la finestra. Quarcosa era passato li davanti: quarcosa di sottile e trasparente s’era fermato per un attimo a guarda’ dentro alla su’ finestra.
L’aveva visto che sott'alle was holed up 'Operto, smiled and ran away ...!

Ir rendèssene time 'and onto ir Bell'O that sleep was gone.
a jolt to the 'line opening and away to the window to see' holes.
He stood there, nose hanged cor ar glass, quarche menuto.
Then he saw a little more 'n the, noted that low sur fund, a little' lamb. It was a
CEIN and you could see he had spèrza.
She was alone: \u200b\u200bthe surf had tossed on the rocks and now wandering ar dark background sur Arno, unaware of the wave of flood that was coming '. Perïolo and was in 'a There was a menuto to lose '.
A 'Odate the chair, du' key turns and had already Muggineto holes.
Luckily it was a full moon and a light could cincinnino firtra 'bottom yet sur Arno or where or where' a is eventually saw her!
was unconscious from the surf and the Fatia perïolosamente was taking the rocks near where it was known that c'abitavano du 'poo favolli recommended. Taken ir du courage 'fins, our ir Mugginetto went to the rocks and he just' n time to pick up 'the poor CEIN and run', already had an favollo, glue 'hela tutt'aperta già pronta a corpi’. Mugginetto rientrò in casa di ‘orsa, ‘olla ceìna sur una pinna, ancora svenuta. Su pa’ lo vide entra’ cor fiatone e colla ceìna sulla pinna. Mugginetto ‘un cela faceva a parla’: guardava su’ pa’ e coll’artra pinna gl’indïava la ceìna svenuta.
Arrivò anco su’ ma’ che capì tutt’ar volo e corse a prende’ la ceìna. La portarono sur un letto, la riscardarono ‘olle ‘operte e così, piano piano, si riprese.
Appena aprì ll’occhi e vidde tutti que’ muggini ‘he la fissavano ‘olla bocca aperta, tirò un pó’pò’ of scream that made them run away 'all sott'alle chairs. A point quer, Santa mullet, he said: "Carma Carma ... ... 'I eat my one ... or for those thou hast taken??"
It took' a little drink ', but eventually managed to carmàlla and ragionacci .
They explained what had happened and how it was in the 'asa de' mullet.
She then told him all about 'sisters were caught and that she was able to tailor' the ripaiola all'urtimo time, but had made a wave hits' if one be rock.
sïura of them was able to find ' the way to Pisa when he saw their 'asa, but then the' Orrente, ir darkness, tiredness had got the better on the 'small forces.

Full CEIN and passed, the CEIN, was adopted by the family of 'Mullets.
Doventò great along with Mugginetto, which ar s'affezzionò dimorto but dimorto really!

One day, however, that while they had dined, he did as dark. There seemed to be
They all went to the window and saw that there were holes in de 'huge herds of eels' he left the Arno trend for 'ir to the sea: it was the migration to Mar de ir' Sarge.
CEIN, 'was a more a CEIN, ma' na bell'anguilla all 'Urve. Anco
Muggunetto 'was a more Pescetto a deep-frying, but drink a silver mullet.

CEIN felt ir richamo nature and said he had to trend 'with quell'artre eels ...' we could do an 'there was nothing ... anda' ... of course!
Mugginetto we tried 'n every way possible to leak right' ... but 'there was no way for a' onvicela. After all 'I was a' Orpah her: it was a rule of life of the eel!

Mugginetto then made a 'dare that no arthro mullet had ever done: saluted on 'ma' and pa 'and went after CEIN. Reached her first poo partners who enter swarm of eels and that was the urtima Vorta them viddero: fin in fin ir headed towards the open sea.
not returned, but they say that when they arrived ner Mar de 'Sargasso time du' months they were married and began a family. No one in Boccadarno believed, until one day they were seen coming 'cause the sea of \u200b\u200bstrange fish. Were half mullet and eels means. Who would call them '"Anguilluggini" and who "Mugginille. Even today you devano put 'agree with the sur name, ma da quer giorno, con grande sollievo, fu chiaro a tutti ‘ome erano ite a rifini’ le ‘ose tra Mugginetto e Ceìna.


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