Friday, September 28, 2007

How To Aim At A Duck With A Shotgun

Windscreen flashlights ar

In one hand a little bottle of water and soap to clean along un'affarino
in arthritis '' windows.
Vorta A fan of a head fake 'ir' no 'to people, but hunger
that has led to this' twenty meters.

to us if it rains, bring us dirty 'car, the more we ar
or pole ruin' the picnic. For them
vor of 'bear' stomào of the mill, and refers
'ir eat' for a day.

Ir sindào of Florence, the finest in mind,
He up very cheaply made straight et'ha Penza.
Gl'è Viens 'dare, overnight, order
' ngiusta and unfortunate.

forbidden thee to that of poer people
pote 'ffa' that hard work,
that more than one lavoro era un sarvagente,
da svorge’ nell’attesa d’uno più sïuro.

Allora glielo mando io ar sindào ll’agurio, si …
ma d’anda’ colle pezze ar culo a vive ‘n un tugurio.
Che vengano anco per lui de’ giorni tetri
da passa’ tutti ar semafero … a lava’ ‘ vetri !


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