Monday, September 3, 2007

Betsey Johnson Baby Diaper Bag

Ir forgiveness

... says that for them 'bon a Christian, you sape' forgive '. God ... I
Boni, but my 'oglioni! Anco
partner forgives 'should ave' criterion,
sape 'finds' the happy medium,
der between the intransigence and the bogeyman 'arity to ortranza ingenuous,
der between the law and retaliation' r traccheggia 'leading slowly to the prescription.

And then, forgiveness is ir a 'serious dare, to be administered' sparingly,
with 'er salt ner Middle Ages, from ago' came out '... one drop at Vorta
Sarvo then open' quer cock in front of all Gargani
ar ... repentance is repentance, but the real one!

Artrimenti, drink me 'talloccio, you feel like you to extend' ll'artra
cheek ... if 'you Scanzi of a sprint,
sïuro will supply, which
lips ... ... and one 'one thee enough!


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